Picture of Alix Hall

Alix Hall

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Alix studied Art History and English Literature at Queen’s University. A love of the arts, history, rain, and queuing took her to England, where she completed a Masters degree in Culture, Communication and Media, and worked around London, including Kensington Palace and Tate Britain… more »

Picture of Chelsea Brimstin

Chelsea Brimstin

Chelsea is a student at Western University studying Creative Writing and English Language and Literature. She was born in Montreal, but raised in Toronto and loves everything the city has to offer. She enjoys Netflix, going to concerts, and that rice that you can just put in the microwave to… more »

Picture of Connor Titmarsh

Connor Titmarsh

Born and raised just north of Toronto’s city limits in the quaint town of Thornhill, Connor has always found his way south to the busy streets of the city. After a few months travelling Japan and Europe, along with a brief stint living in Melbourne, Australia he has returned home… more »

Picture of Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith

Originally from England, Dominic moved to Toronto in April 2016 for a new adventure, having already travelled extensively around Europe and North Africa. Usually found with his head in a book, writing or hiking, his interests vary; he will cover a range of topics in his articles including (but not… more »

Picture of Dr. Oishimaya Sen Nag

Dr. Oishimaya Sen Nag

Oishimaya is an Indian native, currently residing in Toronto, Canada. She has earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from India and is presently engaged in full-time freelance writing. She travels widely and loves mingling with people of eclectic cultures and also participates in activities concerning wildlife conservation. She is a great… more »

Picture of Emily Paskevics

Emily Paskevics

Emily is a freelance writer & renegade PhD student currently based in Toronto. She edits, translates, and writes for a number of online and print publications, mainly pursuing stories about arts & culture, travel, and literary translation.

Emily holds degrees from the University of Toronto and McGill University (Montréal). She… more »

Picture of Gargi Garach

Gargi Garach

Born and brought up in India, Gargi recently moved to Toronto. A social media and web content strategy professional with a passion for languages, she holds a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and loves to read, write and edit all things travel and beautiful.

Picture of Jessica Almeida

Jessica Almeida

Jessica is a graduate of Ryerson University, she has a BA in English Studies and a minor in News Studies and Journalism. Her passion for journalism revolves around her desire to write and her curiosity on finding out more about people, events and cultures. As a result of her wanderlust… more »

Picture of Katherine Palumbo

Katherine Palumbo

Katherine Palumbo studied Sociology at McMaster University, followed by a post-grad in Social Work at George Brown College. Since graduating, she has worked in the not-for-profit sector for 8 years, and now specializes in Digital Media Communications. She dedicates her spare time to travelling and exploring all of the fantastic… more »

Picture of Katie Hill

Katie Hill

A proud Torontonian, Katie Hill currently works for one of the city’s leading cultural institutions, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). She has a Master’s in Communication & Culture from Ryerson University, and an Honours BA in English and History from King’s University College, Western University. Through her studies, Katie… more »

Picture of Kevin Siu

Kevin Siu

Born and raised in Toronto, Kevin graduated from University of Toronto with an Honours B.A in English, Media, and Linguistics. He also teaches English language at an international college, and tutors students from a Japanese agency. With a passion in teaching and helping others overcome their own challenges, Kevin strives… more »

Picture of Lauren Marinigh

Lauren Marinigh

Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based marketing professional, freelance consultant, and writer. Lauren’s travel blog, Twirl The Globe, was created to inspire those in 9-5 careers to still get out there and see the world. You can also find her writing scattered across the interwebs on sites like Metro News, Pink… more »

Picture of Missy Amato

Missy Amato

Missy Amato is a slam poet and performer from Jamaica, New York. She enjoys napping, listening and looking at Drake, all while eating bread. She has a super love for traveling, Amber Rose, and anyone that understands how to contour. When she’s not writing about how much she loves Toronto… more »

Picture of Nicole Egan

Nicole Egan

Born in Toronto to Irish parents, Nicole made the move to her ancestral home to study and satisfy her wanderlust at the tender age of twenty. While completing her undergraduate degree in Management & Information Systems she spent weekends travelling Europe and developed a love of cultural exploring. Following up… more »

Picture of Rebecca Bartley

Rebecca Bartley

An avid lover of travelling, photography, learning and writing, Rebecca has pursued her interests with a passion. Inheriting the travel bug from her parents, Rebecca has been all over Canada and the United States, and is now tackling countries in Europe, all with a camera in her hand. With her… more »

Picture of Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez

Originally from Barcelona (Spain), Sandra founded ‘Original Translations’ to provide writing, translations and subtitling services from English into Spanish. She is an active member of Subtle - the Subtitlers’ Association, and a Spanish writer and editor for The Linguist Magazine. Sandra has a background in linguistics, holding a degree in… more »

Picture of Sasha Erfanian

Sasha Erfanian

Sasha Erfanian Dow was born in North York and raised in Thornhill. He recently graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor Combined Honours Degree in Journalism and Political Science. His writing has appeared in Collision Repair Magazine, Centretown News, and the Carleton Charlatan. Follow him on Twitter or check out… more »

Picture of Shae Loeffelholz

Shae Loeffelholz

Shae was born and raised in London (Ontario, not the cool one), but is currently in the BA English program at Ryerson University. She misses watching TLC and The Price is Right, almost as much as she misses her cats. She has a love for comedy and letting jokes go… more »

Picture of Stephanie Pereira

Stephanie Pereira

Born and raised in Toronto, Stephanie is currently completing her undergrad at Ryerson University in Professional Communication with a minor in Public Relations. Interested in all things beauty, when she isn’t scouring the nearest Sephora or lusting over her next travel destination, she’s producing online content for RAD Mag, Ryerson’s… more »

Picture of Teya Zuzek

Teya Zuzek

Teya is an avid traveller who is proud to call Toronto home. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto in both Cinema Studies and History. Her affinity for culture has led her to get involved in all of Toronto’s arts scenes. If she’s not playing sports, attending local… more »