Picture of Alice White Walker

Alice White Walker

Alice White Walker is a freelance writer with an eternal appetite for the unknown. After studying English Literature and Classics at the University of Reading and working in digital publishing, a niggling thirst for the French language and café society drove Alice to swap her native London for Paris. A… more »

Picture of Barbara Boumaraf-Tissier

Barbara Boumaraf-Tissier

Barbara is a graduate from Sciences Po Paris where she studied International Affairs. Fond of geopolitics and with a significant experience in tourism, she is always thinking about her next trip. Among her favorite cities: Jaipur, Nablus, Granada, Istanbul, and of course, Paris. She loves to dedicate her time to… more »

Picture of Casey Brand

Casey Brand

Casey Brand recently graduated from American University, where she studied print journalism, studio art and French language. She currently attends Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, where her life revolves around food. Paris is her favorite city in the world and she loves writing about it. In her spare time… more »

Picture of Clare McVay

Clare McVay

Clare McVay is a freelance writer, full- time dreamer, and professional coffee hunter (she can smell a fresh cappuccino at one hundred paces). Now graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in French and English Language, she plans on devoting more time to exploring new places, expanding her… more »

Picture of Delene Di Vita

Delene Di Vita

Delene Di Vita was born during the Apartheid era in South Africa where she regularly volunteered in her community helping Aids victims and with promoting Aids prevention amoung the poor in rural townships. During her gap year, Delene moved to Paris and permanently adopted France as her home country since… more »

Picture of Emilie Némorin

Emilie Némorin

Émilie is an island girl. Born in Mauritius, she grew up in a place where summer never leaves, and where people are from all origins and speak several languages. However due to the exiguity of her tropical country, she head to France after high school to pursue her studies. After… more »

Picture of Hristos Fleturis

Hristos Fleturis

Long story short : Hristos was born in Greece, lived in Romania, studied in Denmark and France and worked in Ireland. A recent master graduate in International Communication Management at the University of Southern Denmark, he specialized in Digital Marketing and ended up blogging about his travels and spends his… more »

Picture of Joanna Reid

Joanna Reid

Born in Scotland, Joanna is now based in Paris where she is pursuing her career in the fashion industry. She holds an honors degree in French and History of Art from Edinburgh University and a Masters degree In Global Fashion Media Studies from IFA Paris and IFA Shanghai. With a… more »

Picture of Marcia Aguirre

Marcia Aguirre

Marcia is originally from Puebla, Mexico. Passionate by challenges and adventures, she will soon launch L’Atelier Folklore, a window to her country where she will share with you her traditions and culture heritage Marcia declares herself as bonne vivante, enjoying and celebrating life. She loves travelling and discovering new places,… more »

Picture of Molli McConnell

Molli McConnell

Molli is an American writer and photographer living in Paris, France. After graduating university in 2013 with a degree in Textiles, Merchandising, and Design, Molli decided to follow her dreams and move to Paris to become a journalist. She enjoys traveling Europe, exploring Paris, reading classics, finding new music, and… more »

Picture of Nicole Callender

Nicole Callender

Nicole is a writer from Toronto, Canada. In 2010 she graduated from college studying “Comedy Writing and Performance”. From 2010 – 2015 she worked as a television writer and spent her evenings performing improvised comedy around Toronto. In April 2015 Nicole made the move to Paris simply to experience life… more »

Picture of Noa Radosh

Noa Radosh

Noa Radosh was born in Israel and raised in Mexico city. In 2012, she moved to Tel Aviv, which became her second home for three years. This year she graduated from a B.A. in Liberal Arts at Tel Aviv University, with a major in Middle Eastern Studies and a minor… more »

Picture of Patrick Whatman

Patrick Whatman

Patrick Whatman is a freelance writer and content specialist living in Paris’ 11th Arrondissement. You can read his mostly silly travel blog, and follow him on Twitter!

Picture of Stephanie Cvetkovic

Stephanie Cvetkovic

Foodie, Fitness fanatic, and Fashion-wannabe, British writer Steph Cvetkovic is addicted to hunting out the most unique spots all over the city to satisfy her many interests. But she knows it wouldn’t be fair to keep such splendid secrets to herself, and loves nothing more than sharing them with the… more »

Picture of Subarna Ganguly

Subarna Ganguly

Subarna is from India and has been living in France for more than 7 years. Coming from a family of artists and littérateurs, writing is one of her many creative passions. Subarna has written for several English national newspapers like the Indian Express, Telegraph and the Statesman. She holds a… more »

Picture of Whitney Donaldson

Whitney Donaldson

Whitney Donaldson and her scientist husband couldn’t refuse the opportunity to live abroad (thanks to his job). Their friends and family are all set to visit, so Whitney is ready to show them the best ways to enjoy Paris. While in Paris, she keeps busy with freelance work, exploring the… more »