Picture of Taylor Haacke

Taylor Haacke

Taylor is currently a Director of Culture for The Culture Trip’s New York City Hub. When she’s not busy working, you can find her reading in her Brooklyn apartment or hanging out with her pet fish. Be sure to follow The Culture Trip on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Picture of Taylor Kang

Taylor Kang

A prospective Comparative Literature major at Princeton University, Taylor Kang, when not fretting about all the languages she wants to learn, can often be found perusing ‘The Paris Review’ or listening not-so-secretly to Lana Del Rey.

Picture of Tom Krantz

Tom Krantz

A recent graduate from Eugene Lang College, The New School, Tom focused his studies in Journalism and Poetry. His passion for writing is only surpassed by his love for good food and better spirits. You can find Tom cruising around Brooklyn with a dollar slice in one hand, and a… more »

Picture of Tucker Johnson

Tucker Johnson

Native Bostonian, Philosophy major at Colgate University, and back-up vocalist/rhythm guitar player in an emerging Hootie and the Blowfish cover band, Tucker currently resides in Manhattan and is enjoying writing about his new city. He also enjoys light amounts of exercise, most appetizers, and Sunday night premium cable.

Picture of Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson is a writer living in New York City. After graduating from The University of Iowa School of Journalism he has rarely spent more than a year in one place, bouncing from Chicago to Houston to Austin, and finally settling in NYC. In his free time he loves to… more »

Picture of Vincent Amoroso

Vincent Amoroso

Graduating from Kingsborough Community College with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, CUNY York College, with a Bachelors Degree in English Literature, Vincent taught in several New York City area middle schools, and high schools in the subjects of English, Math, and Creative Writing.

Picture of Will Speros

Will Speros

A recent graduate of Fordham University, Will Speros is an aspiring journalist proudly living in Harlem. In addition to living and breathing music and film, Will maintains an active interest in politics and social justice. He hopes to eventually pursue a career as a writer of cultural critique.

Picture of Yazmine Mihojevich

Yazmine Mihojevich

After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography, Yazmine moved to New York to work at an environmental non-profit. She spends her free time wondering how the NYC subway system was built, absorbing chill vibes in overpriced coffee shops and bracing… more »

Picture of Yvonne Mambo

Yvonne Mambo

Yvonne loves sharing great food, music and film as a way to connect with others. Originally from Cameroon, Africa, she grew up in Northern Virginia and relocated to the NYC metro area last year to pursue new career goals. Creative and positive people inspire her to stay open minded.