Picture of Katie Shine

Katie Shine

After years of reading about global destinations and studying abroad in Rome, Katie caught the travel bug and hasn’t stopped exploring new places since! When she is not traveling to Sonoma or Bavaria, she can be found in New York City discovering the best pommes frites, quirky bookstores and people-watching… more »

Picture of Kaycia Sailsman

Kaycia Sailsman

Kaycia is a homebody to the fullest but enjoys venturing out and around Brooklyn and reading in her spare time. She dreams to one day travel to different places like Toronto, Australia, and South Korea. Follow her on Twitter @KSailsman.

Picture of Kimberly Jane Tan

Kimberly Jane Tan

Originally a political reporter from the Philippines, Kimberly moved to New York to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Journalism at Columbia University. Since graduating, she has been writing about politics and whatever catches her fancy. She likes going on random food escapades in the city but she also… more »

Picture of Kristian Kafozov

Kristian Kafozov

A native to both New York and New Jersey, Kristian graduated from the University of London (LSE) with a Master’s degree in the History of International Relations. Before studying abroad in the United Kingdom, he studied and worked as a tutor for the Global Language and Culture Center at Saint… more »

Picture of Kristie Garrell

Kristie Garrell

Kristie currently studies Media, Culture, and the Arts at The King’s College. While she loves writing both nonfiction and fiction, she also enjoys making collages and sketching. She loves sitting in parks, exploring cafés and bars in Brooklyn, and admiring clothes she could never afford. She enjoys the poetry of… more »

Picture of Kyung Mi Bae

Kyung Mi Bae

Kyung Mi is a student at Rutgers University (RU Rah Rah). She enjoys making music, reading, and going on crazy adventures with her friends, which makes NYC the perfect playground. Her Christian faith, family, and friends are super components of her life. P.S. She has been in a sinkhole and… more »

Picture of Madeleine Grossman

Madeleine Grossman

Originally from New Jersey, Madeleine Grossman is currently attending NYU studying English, French and Creative Writing. She enjoys various forms of writing, one of her primary interests being in poetry. She also enjoys going to many concerts, hanging out in bookstores, and practicing yoga.

Picture of Malcolm Morano

Malcolm Morano

Malcolm Morano is a Brooklyn-based writer. Since graduating college with a degree in music and philosophy, he has, like most everyone else, been trying to find his capacity for artistic expression in the dishwashing room of an overpriced restaurant. He loves New York City, especially its art, history, and architecture.

Picture of Maryann Aita

Maryann Aita

Maryann Aita is a writer and educator in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to her contributions to The Culture Trip, her educational advice appears on Noodle.com and her creative nonfiction has been published in Airplane Reading. Maryann was selected as a semifinalist for the New Millennium Writings 41st flash fiction contest… more »

Picture of Michael Manukian

Michael Manukian

Michael is currently studying at Fordham University in the Bronx, N.Y., and is pursuing a double major in English and Communications & Media Studies with a minor in Business Marketing. Writing and editing have always been two great passions in Michael’s life, working for high school and college publications, along… more »

Picture of Michaela Brady

Michaela Brady

An avid citygoer, adventurer, and sunset-watcher, Michaela takes great pleasure in writing, film editing, and behavioral psychology. For the past two years at Sarah Lawrence College she has grown through study and an active social life, and hopes to delve further into her interests at Oxford University this coming year.

Picture of Michelle Lam

Michelle Lam

After graduating from the University of Manchester with a Master of Business in Global Business Analysis, Michelle has relocated to New York City from Sunnyvale, California and is writing about culture from a global traveler perspective. She enjoys perusing galleries in the Chelsea and SoHo areas, jogging in Central Park… more »

Picture of Molly Brodowski

Molly Brodowski

Molly is a first-year journalism student at Fordham University, who spends most of her time avidly reading or dreaming about traveling the world. She enjoys art, food, and photography. She is in love with New York City, and is often found exploring its nooks and crannies. She can also be… more »

Picture of Naoko Kunigami

Naoko Kunigami

Naoko Kunigami recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Art History and Market, after working over 10 years in Finance IT. Born in Japan, she loves traveling, particularly to unbeaten paths. She currently resides in New York and enjoys finding great works by undiscovered artists.

Picture of Nick Marcin

Nick Marcin

After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in History, Nick’s new goal is to explore the world around him through new experiences, tastes and the arts. In his spare time, Nick spends most of his day writing three different comics playing Smash Bros. with his friends and exploring the indie… more »