Picture of Henna Choudhary

Henna Choudhary

Henna Choudhary is a New York City born senior at Baruch College pursuing a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. Her interests include fashion and beauty, discovering new eclectic ethnic cuisine spots throughout the city, visiting museums, attending theater performances, and reading culturally enriching novels.

Picture of Holly Rosen Fink

Holly Rosen Fink

Holly Rosen Fink is the editor of The Culture Mom where she blogs about her love of culture and travel. She is also the founder of Pivoting Media, a boutique marketing consultancy, and has a 20 year history working in TV, digital media, publishing and theater.

Picture of Hope Misterek

Hope Misterek

Hope Misterek is a freelance stylist, contributing writer and editor with a love for all things luxury. Based in NYC, Hope is renowned for her juxtaposing artistry and has made a name for herself on both coasts, working with some of the biggest names in fashion. Find her at hopemisterek.com… more »

Picture of Janna Berenson

Janna Berenson

Although Miami is her hometown, Janna’s favorite city is a toss up between Miami and Boston, as she is a student at Boston University’s School of Communication. She always likes to be on top of all of the cultural trends. A concert addict and Netflix enthusiast, Janna is the one… more »

Picture of Jeanine Guzman

Jeanine Guzman

Jeanine Guzman graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Theatre. She currently works in the Big Apple as an Events Associate and spends her free time writing, looking for the best places to grab some grub, exploring new city sights, and daydreaming about… more »

Picture of Jess Dwyer

Jess Dwyer

A New England girl at heart, Jess is outgoing and personable. She is a foodie with a passion for trying new cuisine and discovering hidden gems! Jess has a deep love for travel whether in the US and beyond. She lives in Brooklyn with her fiancé and peagle pup, Ferris.

Picture of Jess Holzberg

Jess Holzberg

Jess is going be an upcoming junior at Penn State University and is majoring in Advertising and minoring in Sociology. As a social media intern, she is excited to join the Culture Trip Team to learn about all the unique and great places in New York City. She loves iced… more »

Picture of Jess MacLeish

Jess MacLeish

Jess MacLeish is a native New York stater, former (but really, always) New Orleanian, and current Queens inhabitant. She edits books, writes, and still makes mix CDs (sadly, she’s yet to figure out how to make a profession out of that last one). Call her, beep her, tweet her: @jessmacleish.

Picture of Jessica Yoon

Jessica Yoon

Currently studying social work at NYU, Jessica is happy to take advantage of her native New York spirit and NYC location to grow her passions in food, photography and travel. She takes every chance to explore and can be found camera, matcha latte in hand documenting her daily adventures.

Picture of Jinny Kim

Jinny Kim

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jinny moved to San Francisco and spent three years exploring some of the best food spots and going to music concerts. She is now based in New York City. Jinny loves music and photography, and is curious about the world and people. When… more »

Picture of Joan de Jesus

Joan de Jesus

Joan graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in Media Communications. Though she focused her studies on political science and film, she considers herself a New York City news archivist at heart. She enjoys frizz-free hair days, Prospect Park and local, Spanglish slang with her morning café.

Picture of Jordan Hanson

Jordan Hanson

After graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a B.A. in English and Women Studies, Jordan moved to New York to pursue her M.F.A in creative nonfiction. She likes a little coffee with her milk, orange tabbies and tropical humidity.

Picture of Kaitlynn Roberts

Kaitlynn Roberts

After graduating from Champlain college in international business and environmental policy, Kaity is passionate about being the change she wants in the world. After an internship in Shanghai, a semester in Sweden, and a summer in Norway, Kaity’s understanding of our global interconnections brings about a multicultural perspective she enjoys… more »

Picture of Kate Howley

Kate Howley

While attending the School of Visual Arts, Kate had many adventures around New York City. After graduating with a B.F.A. in Film Directing she now enjoys writing about those adventures, while also continuing to make films and discover new things about NYC every day.

Picture of Katherine Packer

Katherine Packer

Katherine graduated from Sarah Lawrence with a Bachelor’s degree in doing what she loves; theater, writing, and literature. Currently living in Brooklyn, and trying to cultivate a green thumb. She enjoys reading outside on her balcony, and trying new recipes with the veggies from her CSA.

Picture of Katherine Schweizer

Katherine Schweizer

Katherine is a Connecticut native. She has completed a degree in Creative Writing at Susquehanna University with minors in Spanish and photography. She will be going back to complete a second degree in Editing & Publishing this fall. Katherine takes pleasure in the simple things in life. When she’s not… more »

Picture of Kathryn Chou

Kathryn Chou

Chances are, when Kathryn isn’t busy writing about food she’s out eating it. She’s constantly in search of her new favorite thing, be it craft beer, an artist, lunch spot or author. Her political views range from pro-donuts to anti-peacamole. Kathryn attended university in Washington D.C. where she majored in… more »