Picture of Abby Klausner

Abby Klausner

Abby Klausner is a self-proclaimed NYC restaurant expert, food festival junkie and executive chef at Abby’s Eats (aka her apartment in Williamsburg). She holds a Master’s Degree in Food Studies from NYU and loves to travel and explore culture through cuisine. Follow her culinary adventures on Instagram @AbbysAppetite.

Picture of Akshay Jain

Akshay Jain

Akshay is currently a student of Art History and Performing Media Arts at Cornell University. A native Texan, he has lived in several different areas, including Australia, Canada, Illinois, and Houston. Now a resident of the upstate New York area, he spends his free time exploring New York City happy… more »

Picture of Alana Jajko

Alana Jajko

Since graduating from Bucknell University, Alana has been seeking out life as a nature and travel writer. With a thirst for adventure, she has traveled extensively through Greece for archaeology, Nepal as a volunteer, and much of the U.S. by road trip, seeing natural wonders of her native country. With… more »

Picture of Alex Schnee

Alex Schnee

Alex Schnee has always wanted to be a writer. She loves the smell of the bookstore, because nothing in the world smells exactly like it. She currently spends her days traveling the world and drinking too much coffee, and she’ll always love dancing in the Montana rain.

Picture of Alexis DeFillippo

Alexis DeFillippo

Originally from the Jersey Shore, Alexis now lives and attends school in New York at St. John’s University as a Public Relations major. When she isn’t lost in a book, Alexis spends her time baking things found on Pinterest and attending concerts. From Dance Moms to The Bachelor, Alexis is… more »

Picture of Allison Poris

Allison Poris

Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, Allison is adjusting well to the fast-paced life of NYC. Although she is a true country girl at heart, Allison has taken the city of dreams under her wing and is determined to move full-steam ahead in her career. When she… more »

Picture of Ameena Walker

Ameena Walker

New York City native, Ameena is always on the prowl for her next excursion. A food fanatic, Ameena thoroughly enjoys trying new cuisine, whether it is experimenting in her kitchen or scouring the streets of New York. When not enticing her inner foodie, Ameena enjoys being outdoors when weather permits… more »

Picture of Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh

Amrita was born and raised in Staten Island, with a whole glass of East Indian ethnicity in her blood. Recently having graduated from Seton Hall University, her hobbies include taking frequent trips to Manhattan for food and getting her daily caffeine fix from Dunkin Donuts. When she’s not busy reading… more »

Picture of Anna G.

Anna G.

Anna G, the Fearless Flashpacker, is a New Yorker currently on an extended vacation to California, where she has lived since 2010. She travels the world only with carry-on luggage and a stuffed camel named “Humps.” Follow her travels at www.fearlessflashpacker.com.

Picture of Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

After graduating from Carlow University in Pittsburgh this past spring with a B.A. in English and Education, Ashley moved to New York City where she currently works as an editor. She enjoys reading, writing, red velvet cupcakes, and getting hopelessly lost in her adventures around her new city.

Picture of Ashlyn Grisetti

Ashlyn Grisetti

A recent grad from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, Ashlyn is thrilled to be writing about culture with an ethnic twist in the heart of NYC. She enjoys frequenting Moroccan restaurants, tapa bars, and cafes in search of the perfect cup of masala chai.

Picture of Austin Seidel

Austin Seidel

Originally from the pine forests of Georgia, Austin now splits her time between Hong Kong and the Bay Area. Currently an undergraduate at Stanford University, Austin studies English and Art History, fascinated by the roles visual art and the written word play within culture. In her moments of free time… more »

Picture of Bridget Kiley

Bridget Kiley

Bridget attended Pace University where she studied Literature and Creative Writing. Currently enrolled at The New School in an MFA program for Creative Nonfiction, she enjoys discovering new neighborhoods in New York City and finding the most delicious food in that area. When she is not blogging about the books… more »

Picture of Caitrin Sneed

Caitrin Sneed

Caitrin likes her coffee black, her martinis dry and her art relevant. As a rising senior at The New School, she studies the ancient art of procrastination by frequenting IFC center, dancing in performance pieces and convincing her friends that she really has found the ‘best dumpling place ever’ this… more »

Picture of Candice Mcleggan

Candice Mcleggan

Candice is a native New Yorker and true city girl, as well as a creative journalism student at Baruch College. Her love for books and experience in fashion has fueled her love of writing. She has her own blog, Fashioncandi, and has worked as a contributing writer for various sites… more »