Picture of Annie-Mei Forster

Annie-Mei Forster

Annie-Mei Forster is a 23 year old Australian who graduated in 2013 from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History and Chinese (Mandarin). Last year she lived in Beijing, China teaching English and experiencing the culture. Her favourite cities are Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and… more »

Picture of Ash Francis Seagrave

Ash Francis Seagrave

Ash is a British national, currently spending her time in St. Kilda where she can be found pursuing her intense passion for writing and journalism. With a belief that everybody has their own significant story to tell, she has made it her mission to tell as many of them as… more »

Picture of Benjamin Parker

Benjamin Parker

Benjamin Parker is British freelance journalist currently living in Melbourne. After leaving university in Cardiff, UK, he worked as a newspaper reporter before switching focus to food- and travel-related issues, including reviews and trend pieces. He is a ‘destination expert’ for London’s Daily Telegraph and a regular contributor to the… more »

Picture of Christiane Barro

Christiane Barro

Christiane Barro is currently a journalism student at Monash University in Melbourne. As well as interning at The Culture Trip, Christiane has freelanced for The Dot Point and Mojo News. She is currently majoring in International Relations and hopes her writing will make a significant difference within society. She aims… more »

Picture of Erin Leeder

Erin Leeder

Erin Leeder was born and raised in Melbourne. She has nearly completed a Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University in Melbourne, and plans to travel more once she graduates. Her interests include pop culture, history, fair trade and the lighter side of life.

Picture of Frankie Gordon

Frankie Gordon

Frankie is a Melbourne based interior designer, who is interested in health, well-being and technology as well as design. She gains inspiration from Melbourne, from its underground music scene to its hidden coffee gems, and everything in between. Follow her on Instagram @misslifestylemelbourne

Picture of Herta Nune

Herta Nune

Originally from Boston, USA, Herta Nune is spending the next year exploring Australia with her partner Mark van Seventer, with whom she also co-writes their blog www.markmyjourney.com detailing their never-ending wanderlust.

Picture of Isabell Greigeritsch

Isabell Greigeritsch

Isabell Greigeritsch is currently studying journalism at Macleay College. Her passions include writing about food, travel and culture. Isabell loves animals and likes to spend time with her pets. She enjoys learning about new things, being outdoors, reading, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

Picture of Jessica Poulter

Jessica Poulter

Jessica Poulter is a writer and blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She recently graduated from a Bachelor of Arts with Murdoch University, majoring in English and Creative Writing and is also studying journalism at Macleay College. Jessica is passionate about dance and writes a regular column in the Australian Dance… more »

Picture of Matthew Sims

Matthew Sims

Matthew is a recent Monash University graduate with an enthusiasm for writing about the past, present and future of film, television and the arts world in Melbourne. Based in the Yarra Valley, he loves fresh food, a good time out with friends or going for a run.

Picture of Priscilla Eng

Priscilla Eng

Priscilla Eng, originally from Singapore, is currently living in Melbourne, Australia, as she completes her Masters at the University of Melbourne. An avid reader, baker, and cook, she can usually be found curled up in a comfy chair with a good book, or in the kitchen where she experiments with… more »

Picture of Vincent Huynh

Vincent Huynh

Born and raised in Melbourne, Vincent Huynh enjoys nothing more than eating good food and collecting vinyl records. Currently finishing a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, he plans on eating his way around the world.