Picture of Kayelyn Rodriguez

Kayelyn Rodriguez

Kayelyn is a San Fernando Valley Native and wears the title of “Valley Girl” proudly even while attending the University of California Irvine. When she’s not writing or studying anthropology she enjoys watching classic films, attending concerts and exploring the vast culinary offerings of Southern California.

Picture of Lauren Ferrier

Lauren Ferrier

When she’s not studying journalism and psychology at University of Colorado Boulder, Lauren is experiencing life one adventure at a time. Her hobbies include hiking up mountains, rock climbing, eating, playing with farm animals and trying to keep her indoor plant alive.

Picture of Lo Brewer

Lo Brewer

Lo Brewer is a fashion writer, novelist, extreme thrifter, crafting maven and vintage enthusiast. She writes books, designs and sews rockabilly dresses, manages an entertainment news website, and is currently on the hunt for the perfect purple lipstick.

Picture of Manuel Chavarria

Manuel Chavarria

Manuel Chavarria is a writer, editor, bookseller, and saxophone enthusiast living in East Hollywood. He originally hails from Western Pennsylvania, but he doesn’t like to talk about that. He wakes up early, stays up late, and loves chocolate ice cream.

Picture of Michael Nagy

Michael Nagy

Michael Nagy is a freelance spirits and cocktail writer, liquid bar chef, spirits sommelier and bar consultant based in Harrisburg, PA. He is owner and operator of ‘Raise Your Spirits’, an elite bartending and top shelf cocktail service providing specialty cocktail menus to bars and restaurants. He can be reached… more »

Picture of Nicholas Armstrong

Nicholas Armstrong

Voted class clown in high school, Nicholas Armstrong has failed spectacularly to be very funny at all. He makes up for this by writing about Los Angeles life and culture and by trying to avoid telling people at dinner parties he has a degree in English. If they ask, he… more »

Picture of Paul Lowe

Paul Lowe

Paul Lowe has enjoyed a career in news and entertainment in various capacities, working in both radio and television and winning a few awards for journalism excellence along the way. His first industry-paying gig was with Country Music Hall of Fame legend Buck Owens, in Bakersfield, CA. Paul’s career includes… more »

Picture of Renée Fabian

Renée Fabian

Renée Fabian is a Los-Angeles based writer and editor who covers everything from music, entertainment and the arts to the LGBTQ community and mental health. Also cats. Her work has appeared with BlogHer, Ravishly, The Culture Trip, Wear Your Voice, and GLAAD., among others.

Picture of Ryland Lu

Ryland Lu

A true citizen of the world, Ryland Lu enjoys learning about different cultures and has traveled to fourteen countries on three continents. Nevertheless, Los Angeles’ amazing (sunny) weather and diverse variety of cuisine constantly draws him back home. When he is not writing for the Culture Trip, Ryland enjoys reading… more »

Picture of Saadia Ahmed

Saadia Ahmed

Saadia moved from Virginia to Los Angeles in late 2014. She is enjoying the beautiful California weather, proximity to the beach and all the tourist attractions the city has to offer. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to new cities and exploring new restaurants. The author of the cultural… more »

Picture of Sabina Li

Sabina Li

Sabina Li is an LA native who is currently a proud UCLA Bruin. As a history buff, Sabina loves exploring the landmarks and museums of Los Angeles. She is an avid baker of all things chocolate and her KitchenAid mixer is her baby. When she’s not getting sucked into Pinterest… more »

Picture of Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans

Samantha Emily Evans is a student at the University of St. Andrews studying English and History. She loves writing, cafes, and bookstores. She goes by the Literary Pixie sometimes when she feels like it.

Picture of Sarah Fehrenbach

Sarah Fehrenbach

Sarah is a strong believer in pursuing your dreams. She is a travel fan, an admirer of all things Disney, and madly in love with her husband. When she isn’t writing articles or narratives, she blogs about her faith and living life to the fullest. This writing enthusiast is excited… more »

Picture of Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper is a former D.C. and federal public defender. He writes full-time and lives in Woodland Hills, California, with his wife, Tanya, and three dogs named Fox, Friend, and Monty. His writing has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers in the United States and overseas including The New… more »

Picture of Summer Powers

Summer Powers

Summer Powers was born and raised in the small country town of Dexter, MI. She saved on cash and learned how to “discover her passions” at a community college before heading off to the big leagues at the University of Michigan. There, she continues to study English and art, and… more »

Picture of Tatum June

Tatum June

A SoCal native and UCLA Bruin, Tatum first fell in love with Los Angeles as a film and commercial actress. These days, she loves the city for its sunny weather and endless opportunities for adventure. When not writing, Tatum can be found consuming too much coffee at her favorite local… more »

Picture of Teresa Lowe

Teresa Lowe

Teresa Lowe is an independent filmmaker who began her career as a professional runway and print model, as well as a narrator/spokes-model with the Chrysler Corporation’s auto show circuit. Highlights of Teresa’s career include working as lead hostess at legendary birthday parties for Hall of Famer and ‘Queen of Soul’… more »

Picture of Zachary Liporace

Zachary Liporace

Ultimate foodie, experienced cook, gardening enthusiast and marathon runner, Zachary Liporace was one of the first employees at Sean Combs’ REVOLT TV network and continues to work in Development there. He is well traveled and has a genuine passion for adventure.