Picture of Alex Andy Phuong

Alex Andy Phuong

Alex Andy Phuong graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2015. He has previously been published at both Pasadena City College and California State University, Los Angeles. His main passion is the beauty of the written word.

Picture of Alex Piña-Ceja

Alex Piña-Ceja

Alex Piña-Ceja is a Los Angeles native. She is a writer and actress hoping to only expand her knowledge and love for the forever flourishing metropolis. She spent four years in Albuquerque attending the Univeristy of New Mexico, where she earned a Degree in theater and Spanish. She is an… more »

Picture of Alexia Wulff

Alexia Wulff

Born to a Venezuelan surfer and a Napa Valley artist, Alexia has always been an avid traveler and fascinated with culture. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, she sold every possession and spent nine months traveling around South America, writing about her adventures on a blog. She currently resides in… more »

Picture of Alina Vasilenko

Alina Vasilenko

Thinker, motivator and pathfinder, Alina graduated from UCLA with honors and holds a B.A. in American Literature and Culture. While at UCLA, she edited a print journal called ALEPH, UCLA’s Undergraduate Research Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences. She enjoys writing, editing and the social sciences. Alina is eclectic… more »

Picture of Andrea Barreto

Andrea Barreto

Andrea Barreto is a Los Angeles native, having grown up in the San Gabriel Valley before moving to the Westside to attend UCLA for her Bachelor’s in English Literature. Andrea loves relaxing at different beaches along the Pacific Coast like any true Southern California girl, though her favorite beach will… more »

Picture of Ani Mnatsakanyan

Ani Mnatsakanyan

Raised in Hollywood by her journalist grandmother, Ani Mnatsakanyan fell in love with literature and writing at a very young age. At 14, she became enamored with the history of art, particularly Soviet avant-garde and unofficial art movements, and was determined to follow her dreams of studying and writing about… more »

Picture of Anna Rohleder

Anna Rohleder

Anna began her career in journalism writing book reviews, later branching out into broader lifestyle subjects like travel, collecting, and arts and culture. Her favorite writing tools are fountain pens and Moleskine notebooks.

Picture of C. Marie Cradle

C. Marie Cradle

A cultural aficionado since early youth, C. Marie Cradle is a passionate writer based in greater Los Angeles. Her aspirations include pursuing world travel for leisure and rich travel blogging, self-publishing multiple books and mastering the Romance languages, especially Spanish and Italian. Known commonly as Marie, Nisha and Marinarena (poet-travel… more »

Picture of Claudia Oberst

Claudia Oberst

Claudia is a freelance writer and translator fluent in English, French, and German. She writes about movies, animals, women, start-ups and anything else she finds interesting. When she’s not in Los Angeles, she works as a TV producer for European outlets or writes travel stories from wherever her feet take… more »

Picture of Cristina Gutierrez

Cristina Gutierrez

Cristina is an LA native and freelance writer. She has two Bachelor degrees: one in English and the other in Chicano Studies. The majority of her writing centers on uplifting voices from marginalized communities in popular culture (books, movies, music, etc.).

Picture of Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy

Emma is a freelance writer and journalist, based in England. She has a BA (Hons) in Journalism with NCTJ accreditation and ten years’ experience with news writing, feature writing and advertorials. In her spare time, she can often be found reading, looking wistfully at expensive flights to Canada and Japan… more »

Picture of Eve Hill

Eve Hill

Eve Hill’s work has appeared on network television, in print, and online. Eve was born and raised in San Francisco, graduated USC with a degree in Film History, and continues to appreciate the local history, food and cultural life of both Northern and Southern California. You may also find her… more »

Picture of Izzah Khan

Izzah Khan

A passion for food and a desire to share her Pakistani heritage has lead Izzah to make cooking videos on YouTube. She believes that food and language are two of the most important factors that allow one to transgress the physical space and develop real connections. Until she learns all… more »

Picture of Jarone Ashkenazi

Jarone Ashkenazi

A Los Angeles native, Jarone Ashkenazi has grown up loving everything in this town and hasn’t left! He enjoys exploring the city, from restaurants (he has been vegan since January 2013) to art exhibits to museums to new bars. If he is not participating in a sports activity, going on… more »

Picture of Jasmine Ashoori

Jasmine Ashoori

Jasmine Ashoori is an LA native and a writer majoring in English Literature at UCLA. Her passions lie most in the world of arts, literature, music, and film amplified by the LA ambiance around her. Jasmine is drawn to adventure and loves experiencing the new, while keeping up with the… more »

Picture of Jennifer Brand

Jennifer Brand

Jennifer Brand studied nutrition and dietetics undergrad and has a Bachelors Degree in the field (with a minor in chemistry). She also has a Masters Degree in Public Health and is working on a Masters Degree in human nutrition. Jennifer is a self proclaimed biochemistry nerd, gym fanatic, lover of… more »

Picture of Kaela Berry

Kaela Berry

Kaela is a Los Angeles native and typical “geek,” who loves attending conventions; reading books, watching sci-fi, fantasy, cartoons, anime and Disney, playing video games, and listening to podcasts. When she is not working at her daily job at USC, she produces a horror audio drama podcast called Midnight Marinara… more »

Picture of Karen Queller

Karen Queller

Karen was born and raised in Los Angeles although she has been traveling the world since she could fit her toes in her mouth. One of her first memories is being pushed in a stroller along a beautiful green and flower covered Austrian hillside. This early taste of adventure and… more »