Picture of Mariella Hudson

Mariella Hudson

Mariella is an Irish-Peruvian, a Londoner, and a dedicated traveller whose recent adventures include Moldova, Egypt and Japan. An English and History graduate of the New College of the Humanities (where she founded the Writing Society), she is now working on her creative writing while editing professionally and planning further… more »

Picture of Mariya Bondareva

Mariya Bondareva

Born and raised in Ukraine, this year Mariya moved to London to study her MA Public Relations in UAL University. Everything related to culture and fashion can be find in her blog ‘Mariya Bondareva Does It’ and everything elaborately discovered in the great city of London she shares here.

Picture of Mary Sheehan

Mary Sheehan

Mary Sheehan is an undergraduate studying literature and creative writing at Elon University, but is currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Mary aspires to be a travel writer, and enjoys reading, adventuring, and making friends worldwide.

Picture of Maya Black

Maya Black

Maya is a recent language graduate with a big love of food and travel. She works as a chef, has volunteered with two ‘food-waste’ charities and writes about her culinary experiences. She speaks French, is learning Spanish and plans to tackle German and maybe Arabic next! She loves trying new… more »

Picture of Megan Downing

Megan Downing

Megan is currently working for MTV UK as a Digital Media Intern. She is a keen arts journalist with experience primarily in music and theatre. She loves live music and this is where her passion for journalism began; there’s nothing quite like heading to a live show or festival and… more »

Picture of Melanie Erspamer

Melanie Erspamer

Melanie Erspamer is a student of English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Half Italian and Half American (from near Boston), two of her reigning passions in life are travelling and eating. She is happy to be able to share those passions and her love for writing on… more »

Picture of Nadine White

Nadine White

Nadine White is an undergraduate English Literature student. She is also a LAMDA trained, an award-nominated Journalist and Content Creator who has dedicated the last five years to carving her career, contributing to popular National, International & Online news platforms. Nadine is particularly passionate about Entertainment, Lifestyle and Culture; when… more »

Picture of Nalomi Kilumanga

Nalomi Kilumanga

After what some people would describe as a pivotal moment, Nalomi has delved head first into the field of journalism. He is pursuing a career as a writer, focusing articles and subject topics that have caught his interest!

Picture of Niamh Cassidy

Niamh Cassidy

Niamh is a former Oxford English Literature student and current PR and content writer based in East London. Her passions include eating her way around the city and then writing about it, but she also enjoys theatre, TV, books and vinyl.

Picture of Nina Ariana

Nina Ariana

Nina Ariana studies English Literature and History at The University of Edinburgh. In her free time, she enjoys travelling. Her favourite city is Barcelona, where she has worked as a receptionist in a hostel, and where she draws much of her inspiration for her writing.

Picture of Paula Koller-Alonso

Paula Koller-Alonso

Paula is a German and Spanish Dance student who will soon start her second degree in History and International Relations. More than anything, she loves travelling all over the world, and discovering the hidden cultures across the globe. Her passions include dance, art and football. She’s also quite the history… more »

Picture of Queenie Shaikh

Queenie Shaikh

Desk bound by day and travel bound all other times, Queenie entered the world of journalism with full force after moving to London. An aspiring travel-journalist, her wanderlust has taken her to 53 countries as she captures moments and pens down her experiences. Apart from being wander-woman, she’s usually found… more »

Picture of Rachel Peat

Rachel Peat

Rachel works full-time at one of London’s largest decorative arts collections. Following a BA in History from the University of Cambridge, she also recently completed a MA in World History & Cultures. She loves museums, and makes ice-cream by the freezer-full.

Picture of Rebecca Knight

Rebecca Knight

Rebecca Knight is 20-year old undergraduate currently studying History at the University of St. Andrews. When she’s not camped out in the library with her latest essay, she enjoys baking, reading and scouring the Internet for a new fashion trend to try out.

Picture of Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca is a Video Edit Assistant living in Manchester and writes in her spare time. With a degree in Drama and Screen Studies from The University of Manchester, she loves films more than life particularly the works of the Coen Bros and travel inspiring movies. She runs the film and… more »

Picture of Rory McInnes-Gibbons

Rory McInnes-Gibbons

Rory McInnes-Gibbons is a final year Classics student at Durham University, where he is now the Film and TV Editor of the student newspaper, Palatinate. Born in Gloucester, he can now be found in the World Wide Web at the film, TV and Stage blog https://rorymcinnesgibbons.wordpress.com and Music blog https://someonebangingonmydoor.wordpress.com… more »

Picture of Rosie Safaty

Rosie Safaty

Rosie is an English and Drama graduate from Loughborough University, who spends her time between England and Italy-enjoying the food of both! A huge lover of theatre, dance and literature she seeks magic and adventure in every place she visits.

Picture of Sabrina Raven

Sabrina Raven

Sabrina Raven, despite often found mulling over dusty books as a result of being a philosophy undergraduate, has been embarking on a prolific quest for meaningful experiences and lessons only the world around us can teach. Studying in London, she intends to fully exploit the city for all its cultural… more »

Picture of Sage Fitzpatrick

Sage Fitzpatrick

Sage is a journalism graduate from the University of Westminster, with a passion for all things travel. When she’s not jet setting around the world she tries to spend as much time as possible reading, writing and drinking tea.

Picture of Salwa Chamsi-Pasha

Salwa Chamsi-Pasha

Salwa Chamsi-Pasha is an entrepreneur, writer, and event stylist as well as a neurosciences & psychology graduate. Her Syrian heritage and European upbringing have fused together to create a unique and vivacious personality. Curious by nature, her passions include travelling the world and discovering its wonders.