Picture of Isa Morais

Isa Morais

Isa is passionate about art, food and culture and can’t wait to write all about it. She studies History of Art in London, and is hoping to go into a career in the heritage and cultural sector.

Picture of Isabel Morrish

Isabel Morrish

Born and raised in Kent, Isabel lives in London after graduating from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in History of Art and English Literature. She is Editor of uk.untitled, which promotes young artists, emerging critics and art historians across the UK, and has also contributed to the Royal… more »

Picture of Jessica Barnfield

Jessica Barnfield

Jessica is a 24 year old graduate living between London and Oxford. She loves to travel, read, and gravitates towards artwork that showcases the weird and fantastical. She writes every chance she gets, and is the founder of her own content company Pure Translation.

Picture of Jessica Buck

Jessica Buck

Jess is a 22 year old travel-obsessive, always planning her next adventure! She loves ticking iconic landmarks off her bucket list and has a particular passion for fun filled European city breaks. Follow her latest news over on her travel blog ‘Journeys with Jessica’.

Picture of Jessie Lim

Jessie Lim

Jessie loves to bake and brunch, and tries to spend (more of) her time in the gym so that she has room for dessert. An avid traveller and always on the lookout for interesting activities to try, she is up for almost everything. Currently studying Geography at University College London… more »

Picture of Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson

Joe is completing his BA in screenwriting at Central Film School. He works as a freelance writer, and spends much of his spare time reading books and working on personal writing projects. He is passionate about many genres of music and European cinema.

Picture of Joey Leskin

Joey Leskin

Joey is a London tour guide and freelance writer covering all things travel, life and London. His personal site London, Life Rules and Tales From Afar (which he objectively recommends very highly) can be found at the inexplicably different URL www.ctrlaltdeletelondon.com.

Picture of Johanna Gill

Johanna Gill

Johanna is a German student at the University of Magdeburg, specialising in International Journalism. As part of her studies she’s currently doing an Internship at The Culture Trip in London. Besides writing, she loves good food & books, sports and all things cultural, and has a passion for travelling and… more »

Picture of Josephine Mizen

Josephine Mizen

Josephine is a student of European Social and Political Studies with German at University College London. Having grown up in and around London, she has experienced life in a multicultural city and this has given her a strong passion for travelling and learning about other cultures. Aside from travelling, her… more »

Picture of Joséphine Gambade

Joséphine Gambade

Josephine is a second year French and Greek International Politics, German and Anthropology student at UCL, London. Having been brought up in the middle of two different culture and families, she learned how to observe each community’s particularities young, which led her later on to her current studies. Her passion… more »

Picture of Kaja Kozak

Kaja Kozak

Kaja is a writer who is passionate about anything art, fashion, and food related. Having been born with the wanderlust gene she’s traveled extensively since she was a child attempting to circumvent her ever-present writer’s block. She dreams of moving to a cottage in a picturesque village somewhere, owning a… more »

Picture of Kate Jefford

Kate Jefford

Kate Jefford is a postgraduate MA student of Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, London. She has an extensive background working in NHS mental health services and a love of travel, literature, art, cinema, and theatre. In the past 3 years, Kate has had several works of short-fiction published.

Picture of Kate Rigg

Kate Rigg

Kate Rigg is a student at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She is training as a writer, director and performer. Born in Glasgow, she did her undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews and graduated with a first in English.

Picture of Katherine Middleton

Katherine Middleton

Katherine Middleton is a qualified doctor and aspiring screenwriter originally from Wales, now living in London. At 10 years old her favourite film was Reservoir Dogs, which says all you need to know.

Picture of Kelsey Traynor

Kelsey Traynor

Kelsey is a well-versed communications consultant who is always looking for an adventure. Her free time is spent exploring the best restaurants and bars in town, and trying to balance that out with some wellbeing and fitness.

Picture of Kia Hunt

Kia Hunt

Kia Marie Hunt has a passion for travel, learning foreign languages, and experiencing different cultures. As a student of Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician at the University of Birmingham, she is particularly interested in all things Hispanic, and is soon to be studying abroad in Uruguay and Brazil. Kia is a… more »

Picture of Laura Piccirillo

Laura Piccirillo

Laura is a Londoner born and bred and proud to call the capital her home. Recently graduated from her degree in Modern Languages at University College London, reading Italian and Spanish, Laura is an avid traveller, word nerd and major foodie.

Picture of Luke Abrahams

Luke Abrahams

Luke Abrahams is a born and bred Londoner and is proud to call the capital his home. He mostly writes about popular culture trends and pugs but isn’t afraid to tackle food, art and style from time-to-time.

Picture of Madis Kabash

Madis Kabash

Currently an undergraduate history student at Queen Mary University of London. Particularly interested in the history of architecture, culture, philosophy and art. Originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan having lived in the United States and Switzerland. In her free time she chooses to explore London, write, paint and attempt acting.

Picture of Maisie Hayden

Maisie Hayden

Maisie is an English and Film Studies graduate planning to study acting in London. She enjoys traveling to new places whilst going to rock concerts around the world. When she is not soaking up information from wildlife documentaries and memoirs by her favourite artists, Maisie can be found attending the… more »