Picture of Claire Burling

Claire Burling

Claire is a graduate from University of Birmingham where she studied French and discovered her love of travel. She has an ever-growing bucket list of countries to visit and cuisines to sample. In her spare time she loves to bake, eat, work it off at the gym, and then eat… more »

Picture of Clara Chiarpei

Clara Chiarpei

While working as a Teacher Assistant in one of the best schools in London, Clara is completing her BA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University. Aiming to become a writer, she loves to wonder around the city to find inspiration for her stories. She is always on the hunt to… more »

Picture of Clémence Charbonnier

Clémence Charbonnier

A twenty-something from South Western France, Clémence recently earned a masters degree in English from the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris, France). There’s nothing she loves more than a good story, whether it be in a book, a film, a song or a conversation. She’s also an avid traveller, going crazy… more »

Picture of Dan Einav

Dan Einav

Dan Einav is an undergraduate English Literature student at the University of St Andrews. He enjoys writing about anything cultural from lewd Medieval riddles to Woody Allen. His main interests include reading English Renaissance and 20th Century literature, going to art galleries, playing his guitars and watching great films.

Picture of Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood

Danielle is a Features Editor at Your Coffee Break Magazine and has a fascination with living a life full of creativity. Theatrical soul. Cinematic admirer. Champion frolicker. Avid foodie. Sunset enthusiast.

Picture of Edwina Boyd-Gibbins

Edwina Boyd-Gibbins

Edwina Boyd-Gibbins is a freelance journalist, writer and publicist. She’s contributed to the likes of The Guardian and Stylist, and is a regular contributor to The Culture Trip. She’s passionate about food and all things cultural, and also writes about restaurants and recipes on her blog, All Things Nice.

Picture of Eleanor Russell

Eleanor Russell

Ellie recently graduated from Leeds with a degree in English Literature and Spanish. Her dual passion for art and baking means that she can often be found up to her elbows in either paint or cake batter, but she also loves cats, reading, cats, Barcelona and cats.

Picture of Eliza Jorn

Eliza Jorn

My name is Eliza Jorn, I am an American student abroad at the University of St Andrews and have been contributing to the Culture Trip for the past few months. I specialize in pieces on film but have done articles on other topics such as Burns Night events, etc. Look… more »

Picture of Ellen Ridsdale

Ellen Ridsdale

Ellen is a fourth year English Literature & French student at the University of St Andrews. She found her love for travel writing during her year abroad in Toulouse, France and has since not stopped adding destinations to her wander-list. When not attached to social media, you’ll find her nose… more »

Picture of Emily Gray

Emily Gray

Having moved to London after graduating from the University of Exeter, Emily is now the Editor of The Handbook, a guide to London’s latest restaurant, hotel, bar and club news. She also works as a freelance writer and has contributed to a range of online and print publications.

Picture of Emma Cooke

Emma Cooke

Emma is a journalist with an obsession for all things culture-related. She is Online Editor of blow LTD, and Fashion Features Editor of Parisian magazine, L’Insolent.

Picture of Eva Menger

Eva Menger

Eva is a freelance translator and writer with great interest in popular culture. She especially enjoys writing about film, history and weird trends. Being a Dutchie, she grew up in the Netherlands and studied in Amsterdam, but she always felt greater things were awaiting her overseas, which is why she… more »

Picture of Federica Signoriello

Federica Signoriello

Federica comes from the South of Italy in Naples, and although she loves it there she has been living in London for two years now. She is currently finishing her Journalism MA at the Birkbeck College and building up her professional career in the world of Media and Communication. Federica… more »

Picture of Firgas Esack

Firgas Esack

Firgas is a writer and blogger who lives in up-and-coming Forest Gate. She loves London for it’s random bits of wilderness, historic buildings, chaos and car boot sales. She always drinks her Martini stirred.

Picture of Fran Lynagh

Fran Lynagh

Fran Lynagh is primarily a TV journalist freelancing in newsrooms, but she is also building a career as a writer. Inspired by her undergrad degree in History of Art & Italian, she enjoys writing cultural features - particularly on art and travel.

Picture of Francesca Hobson

Francesca Hobson

A recent English Literature and Classical Civilisation graduate, Francesca is interested in pursuing a career as an editor or publicist. Having worked previously with Woman & Home magazine and Healthy magazine, she is keen to experience the workings of different publications. Most likely found with her nose in a book… more »

Picture of Gemma Roxanne Lake

Gemma Roxanne Lake

Gemma Roxanne Lake is an English Literature and Creative Writing graduate currently studying for a Master’s degree in Literature, Culture and Identity at Portsmouth. Along with the Culture Trip, she has also written for the Bath Chronicle, and loves to travel, trail-run and ride horses in her spare time.

Picture of Gina Chahal

Gina Chahal

Gina is a 20-year old undergraduate studying English Literature at Oxford Brookes University. Her Indian heritage and growing up in Kent inspired her love for all things cultural. She is most likely found trying to finish a mammoth reading list, attempting to emulate Hendrix when playing guitar or exploring London… more »

Picture of Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans is a final year undergraduate at University of Durham in the UK. She studies archeology and anthropology and has a passion for communicating the past, particularly London’s past, since she has lived there her whole life. Her favourite area in London is the Square Mile, home to the… more »

Picture of Hayley Ricketson

Hayley Ricketson

Hayley Ricketson is an Australian playwright completing an MA in Text and Performance in London, between the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and Birkbeck, University of London. She has staged two original productions in Melbourne and has experience in the performing arts industry as a writer, director, performer, stage… more »