Picture of Abi Deeprose

Abi Deeprose

Abi is an English Literature student and aspiring magazine editor from London. She enjoys cooking, running, hiking and exploring new cities, and has an insatiable passion for all things wellness. More than anything else, Abi loves being with her family, and going out to eat.

Picture of Abi Himan

Abi Himan

Abi is a History of Art and Gallery Studies graduate. Her passion for contemporary art takes her to galleries and museums all over the world, but she can usually be found pacing newly opened exhibitions in Mayfair and East London. When she’s not gallery-hopping, she’s looking for the best new… more »

Picture of Alice Barber

Alice Barber

Alice Barber is an English Literature student and aspiring journalist who simply loves to write. She also has an incurable passion for theatre, and along with being addicted to attending shows, currently produces for Green Door Theatre Company.

Picture of Alice Burns

Alice Burns

Alice is a fanatic for all things culture-related, especially when it comes to city lifestyle. Her passion for writing and communications led her into the world of PR after graduating from the University of Leeds last year. She can often be found exploring undiscovered coffee shops and cocktail bars in… more »

Picture of Alyssa Erspamer

Alyssa Erspamer

Alyssa Erspamer is a student at UCL specialising in anthropology and German. She grew up in the US, near Boston, but has Italian roots. Her humble wish is to explore the whole world one day and to live on a farm, but in the meantime she settles with wandering around… more »

Picture of Amanda Flanaghan

Amanda Flanaghan

Amanda is a graduate of French and Spanish with a keen interest in foreign languages, and all things particularly European related. She also holds a passion for travel, art and world cinema, and not to mention exploring new places and writing about all cultural aspects within cities.

Picture of Amelia Florence Simmons

Amelia Florence Simmons

By day, Amelia does social media for films and TV. By night, she explores all corners of London to find the best food, drink and events the city has to offer. She has recently made birch crowns in Stockholm at Midsommar, got muddy at Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire and… more »

Picture of Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Always planning her next getaway, Amy is a travel junkie with a heck of an appetite. She writes about food, travel and art on her own blog Arts End of Nowhere, and produces The Culture Trip posts about places as far ranging as Bali, London and Tokyo.

Picture of Angelica Gianni

Angelica Gianni

Angelica has recently graduated in English and Comparative Literature, from Goldsmiths University of London. Her passions are books, travel, and art. She is a curious person, and is always trying to find and learn new things. One day she hopes to work for an important magazine, or be part of… more »

Picture of Angie Quinn

Angie Quinn

Currently building a feature-writing career and finishing a Journalism and Media BA, Angie loves exploring and all things cultural, musical, theatre, show-business, arty and palatable. Oscar Wilde is her literary hero, feel free to follow her on Twitter.

Picture of Anna Abenhaim

Anna Abenhaim

Originally from France, Anna travelled around for a few years and lived in a few great cities such as Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and Tel Aviv. She studied at Sciences Po Paris, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia, and has worked at the United Nations… more »

Picture of Anna Koutras

Anna Koutras

Anna is a writer based in London. She’s fanatical about discovering new places, eating amazing food and enjoying everything that London has to offer. She’s lived in America and Greece, and has travelled all over the world, but she’s proud to call London home. She’s never in one place for… more »

Picture of Anouszka Tate

Anouszka Tate

Anouszka is a print journalist and radio & TV presenter / producer with a penchant for sarcasm and tongue in cheek wit. When she’s not busy being all career driven she’ll be exploring London, working out or making lists.

Picture of Antonia Mason

Antonia Mason

Having just returned from a year abroad in Canada, Antonia is heading into her fourth year studying English & Classical Literature at the University of Leeds. She caught the travel bug years ago while drinking caipirinhas and cuddling alpacas in South America and has not stopped continent hopping ever since… more »

Picture of Becca Cairns

Becca Cairns

Becca is in her fourth year at St Andrews University, studying English literature. She loves to travel and visit new places, and is also a part-time lifeguard. She enjoys swimming and running, and in her spare time likes to pick up a good book or watch a film.

Picture of Ben Southwood

Ben Southwood

Ben is a 24-year-old working as an economist for a Westminster think tank. In his spare time he obsesses over food, whether Southern BBQ, French provincial cooking or modern European fine dining, and music. His personal food blog, is of course a genius if obscure pun name.

Picture of Biya Haq

Biya Haq

Biya Haq has an extreme case of wanderlust that has brought her to London for the summer. She loves all things cultural, edible, musical and did we say edible? Going into her fourth year at Rutgers University in New Jersey she is a journalism and media studies student with a… more »

Picture of Caoilfhionn Rose

Caoilfhionn Rose

Caoilfhionn is a freelance wordsmith and hopeless vagabond who travels the world armed with a Canon 1100D and a loose moral compass. Currently surviving an MSc Magazine Publishing in Edinburgh with help from French Martini’s, Orange Is The New Black and dreams of a future in NYC. She has touched… more »

Picture of Caterina Mirra

Caterina Mirra

Caterina’s passion for writing and exploring brings her to study in London. Recent graduate in Journalism (MA), she enjoys discovering new places and gets inspired by all the exciting activities London has to offer. Caterina is a real sports passionate and obsessed about food and theatre.

Picture of Chloe Kerr

Chloe Kerr

Chloe is a modern languages graduate and current MA Newspaper student at City University London. She’s passionate about all things fashion, food and culture… and writing about them too. Chloe is also an avid traveller and is always looking for her next adventure.