Picture of Agnes Kwan

Agnes Kwan

Agnes is a culture-enthusiast who thinks that movies, music and books are as important as air to humans. Except writing, photography is her second passion for she enjoys the dynamics every photo carries.

Picture of Charlotte Sun

Charlotte Sun

Charlotte has a strong interest in environmental issues and “green” solutions. Aside from having a keen interest in environmental issues (and trying to become an expert as an environmentalist), she is also very interested in history, culture, good food, literature and writing. She really wants to eat her way around… more »

Picture of Emily Chan

Emily Chan

Emily is a freelance reporter based in Hong Kong. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. A horse racing aficionado by heart, she also loves to eat and travel. You can view more about her work on her website or follow her on Instagram @cchanemily.

Picture of Erin Chan

Erin Chan

Born in the year of the handover. Erin is a self-described microwave oven – cold on the outside and warm inside. She is currently an English for Professional Communication major; a vivid American television and novels junkie, and a nerd who is always away with the faeries. Not a big… more »

Picture of Ian Mote

Ian Mote

I grew up in London, but agedeighteen, I took a gap year, when I spent six months on a school exchange program in rural Kansas, experiencing a true American way of life. It made me realise that maybe there was more out there in the world to understand, see, and… more »

Picture of Jianne Soriano

Jianne Soriano

Jianne is a Hong Kong-born Filipino freelance writer and international journalism major. She is a lover of anime and manga, Asian literature/cinema and is suffering from an incurable wanderlust. A self-confessed frustrated poet, she’s also an ethnic minority youth advocate and always thinking about fictional characters.

Picture of Karen Tsui

Karen Tsui

Karen Tsui works on helping businesses grow and writes on her website wheretheheartleads. She is passionate about design, food, and well-being. She has lived in New York and New Hampshire where she got to gorge on museums and films, as well as ride racing-bikes and sing in choirs. Now back… more »

Picture of Michaela Fulton

Michaela Fulton

Editorial professional and EFL teacher with an unhealthy obsession for coffee. Self-confessed word nerd, avid traveler, amateur photographer, and gadget addict. When not immersing herself in all aspects of the English language, you’ll find her browsing market stalls, head-banging at rock gigs, or performing precarious inversions in an antigravity yoga… more »