Picture of Thomas Rees

Thomas Rees

Travel, music and food writer Thomas Rees has travelled extensively in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and currently divides his time between London and Madrid. Having worked as an online editorial assistant at Wanderlust Travel Magazine, he now writes for a range of UK publications including Jazzwise and Jazz… more »

Picture of Tomahawk Tindo

Tomahawk Tindo

Tomahawk enjoys digital marketing and brand building. Prior to writing for The Culture Trip, he worked as a mentor for startups in Africa. Before that he gained valuable experience in the software development industry in the U.S.

He’s written for his college paper, the Colby College Echo, and other blogs… more »

Picture of Toni Marie Ford

Toni Marie Ford

Toni Marie Ford is a freelance travel blogger and writer, cinema lover and slow travel enthusiast from the UK who has been enjoying a nomadic lifestyle since early 2014. Visit her blog, www.worldandshe.com, or follow her on twitter @thentonisaid or instagram @tonimarieford

Picture of Valentine Baldassari

Valentine Baldassari

Valentine Baldassari was born in Chambéry, France but caught the travel bug at a very young age, when she moved to Michigan with her family. Since then, she’s hitchiked through Lithuania, crossed Europe by train, worked in the wine industry in Bordeaux, lived in Ukraine and Latvia on her own… more »

Picture of Varia Fedko-Blake

Varia Fedko-Blake

Originally born in Moscow, Varia moved to London at a young age before re-locating to historic Edinburgh to complete her MA in English Literature and German, enabling her to speak three languages fluently by the age of 21. Today, she lives in Berlin, embracing the fast-paced lifestyle and the whirlwind… more »

Picture of Vincent JS Wood

Vincent JS Wood

A graduate in Creative Writing, from the University of Greenwich, London, Vincent has since gone on to become an avid and award-winning short story writer, having several of his pieces published both online and in print. Part of his course involved literary theory of which he took a particular interest… more »

Picture of Vyrag Gulyas

Vyrag Gulyas

Born in the pastoral town of Monor, southeast of Budapest, Virag burst onto the broader scene as an international classical ballet dancer.While completing her studies of Ballet & Arts, International Relations and EU Law (Budapest, Oxford and Leuven respectively), she soon discovered her passion for words, which she put into… more »

Picture of Will Wain-Williams

Will Wain-Williams

Will Wain-Williams moved to China back in 2007 in order to follow his passion of training martial arts in its homeland. He has sought out the best masters of, and trained in, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Xinyi Liuhe Quan and the Korean art of Taekkyon. Besides martial arts… more »

Picture of Zoë McIntyre

Zoë McIntyre

Zoë McIntyre studied French and Spanish at Bristol University and spent time living both in Bordeaux and Buenos Aires where, in the latter, she worked for an emerging arts magazine. Since returning to Britain, she has been part of the editorial team of FRANCE Magazine, Britain and America’s best-selling magazine… more »

Picture of Şerif Yenen

Şerif Yenen

Şerif Yenen is a travel specialist, tour guide, travel writer, film-maker, international keynote speaker and lecturer. He wrote Turkish Odyssey in English, the ‘first guidebook of Turkey ever written by a Turk’. Yenen gives lectures about travel and Turkish history and culture, the majority of which are in academic communities.His… more »