Picture of Julianna Roche

Julianna Roche

Julianna is a Boston-based multimedia journalist pursuing her master’s in communication studies. She holds a bachelor’s in journalism and Italian Studies, and has previously worked as associate editor at Cincy and NKY Magazine. Having lived in eight cities and two countries, as well as having grown up in an Italian… more »

Picture of Julie Daunt

Julie Daunt

Julie Daunt is a 23-year-old Art Historian and writer from Cork in Ireland, but currently resides in Dublin. She has a Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art History, and is currently a tour guide in the National Gallery of Ireland. When she is not dying her hair blue or pink… more »

Picture of Katie Mastropieri

Katie Mastropieri

Katie was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and attended Vanderbilt University as a Division I women’s lacrosse player. She has been residing in Chicago since 2014. When she’s not busy writing for Second City, Katie is most likely planning a trip or trying new restaurants around the city.

Picture of Kitty Hudson

Kitty Hudson

Kitty Hudson’s interest in art history was sparked by an early trip to Italy with Art History Abroad, and more than a decade later – via Edinburgh University, the Courtauld and UEA – she has finally finished her PhD on British art in the 1920s. If not writing or curating… more »

Picture of Kriti Bajaj

Kriti Bajaj

Kriti is a writer and editor based in New Delhi. She has lived in India and London, and travelled in Europe and Southeast Asia. Her academic background is in literature and anthropology, and she has experience in writing, editing and online publishing primarily related to arts and culture. She is… more »

Picture of Lani Seelinger

Lani Seelinger

Lani grew up in Durham, North Carolina, before jetting out at the first opportunity to Chicago, where she did her undergraduate degree in English and Slavic Studies at Northwestern University. Her study of Czech and Russian gave her the travel bug pretty bad, and since then she’s taught in the… more »

Picture of Laura Tan

Laura Tan

Laura Tan is a freelance writer and full-time foodie whose love of culture and diversity is influenced by her mixed heritage. Her father is originally from sunny Serangoon on the tropical island of Singapore and her mother was born in the not-so-sunny-but-very-pretty ‘Garden of England’ in Kent, England. Spending weekends… more »

Picture of Lauren Cocking

Lauren Cocking

Lauren is the Mexico City Hub Writer and while she loves to write about anything Mexico related, especially if it concerns food, she also thinks there’s nothing more horrifying than having to write a humble yet engaging personal bio. Aside from content about Mexico, she dabbles in European language learning… more »

Picture of Lauren England

Lauren England

Lauren’s passion for contemporary art and design was inspired by childhood visits to galleries and museums in key European and American cities. Born and raised in Hertfordshire, spending two years in the USA during her teens, she has a BA in Glass and Ceramics from the University of Sunderland. Throughout… more »

Picture of Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner is an Editor and Writer, who maintains a keen interest in Literature, Journalism and music. Born and raised in Leicestershire, Laurence moved to London to study English Literature with Creative Writing at London South Bank University. Shortly after moving to London, he helped found The Pig Faced Lady… more »

Picture of Lena Blos

Lena Blos

Lena was born in rural Germany and showed a passion for philosophy and linguistics from an early age. Her journeys would lead her from being a trainee in a Greek diving centre to an English teacher in Thailand, to finally becoming a student of politics and languages at Royal Holloway… more »

Picture of Lena Blos

Lena Blos

Born in rural Germany, Lena showed a passion for philosophy, culture and language from an early age. In recent years she has worked as a trainee in a Greek diving centre, an English teacher in Thailand until finally becoming a student of politics and languages in London. Lena has focused… more »

Picture of Leva Matiejunaite

Leva Matiejunaite

I’m a 22-years-old student from Vilnius, Lithuania currently doing my last year of MA in Italian and English Literature at Edinburgh University, UK. I love travelling, cinema, all things cultural, but I’m especially passionate about theatre and acting. I spent last year in Bologna University, Italy doing my Erasmus year… more »

Picture of Lilian Diarra

Lilian Diarra

Brought up in a world in which nationality has been reduced to a handy piece of paper, Lilian Diarra considers herself a global citizen with minimalistic notions of patriotism. Drawn to reading at a young age with the likes of C. S. Lewis, Terry Pratchett and Gerald Durrell, Lilian continues… more »

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz

Lily Cichanowicz

Lily is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed social activist who recently moved to Berlin for love. You can find out more about her work at lilycichanowicz.com or via Twitter @liliaceaeflora.

Picture of Lindsay Parnell

Lindsay Parnell

Lindsay Parnell recently completed her M.F.A. at Kingston University in London and is currently based in Virginia, USA. Her fiction has appeared in 3:AM, Beat the Dust, Underground Voices and 4’33 Audio Magazine. As the proud owner of a collection of thirteen different editions of ‘The Bell Jar’, she is… more »

Picture of Linn Vardheim

Linn Vardheim

A fourth year English Literature student at the University of Edinburgh, Linn is currently struggling through her dissertation, while figuring out what to do with the rest of her life. Originally from Norway, she is passionately interested in anything to do with travel, languages, literature, popular culture, and the arts… more »

Picture of Lisa Pollman

Lisa Pollman

Lisa Pollman is a freelance writer who currently resides in the United States. She has a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Asian Studies. Described as a person with eclectic taste, her interests include calligraffiti, contemporary Indian literature, Khmer sculpture and Mughal miniature paintings.

Areas of specialisation… more »

Picture of Louis Pilard

Louis Pilard

Louis Pilard currently balances working in sustainability with several artistic and cultural projects. His poetry and short stories have been published in literary journals, his music has been reviewed by The Guardian and he is currently working on a novel composed of zines and online stories. Follow him @LouisPilard and… more »

Picture of Luca Pinelli

Luca Pinelli

Luca is an Italian studying medieval and modern languages in England with a passion for food, art, and nature. He loves reading, writing, taking pictures and learning new things - and he always tries to advertize his city with poor results. Traveling is something Luca cannot do without, although he… more »