Picture of Eleanor Cunningham

Eleanor Cunningham

A Fine Artist and Editor, Eleanor Cunningham has always been fascinated by the world of contemporary art, specifically within the medium of photography. She grew up in the small cathedral city of Lichfield in the West Midlands before completing a BA Degree in Fine Art at Loughborough University. Eleanor was… more »

Picture of Elisabetta Rizzato

Elisabetta Rizzato

Elisabetta Rizzato is an Italian architect and interior designer, and blogger on her own website ItalianBark. She is passionate about both design and travel, and uses every spare moment to explore new places and visit trade fairs in order to discover new designs, unique concepts, innovative projects and good art… more »

Picture of Eliza Marin

Eliza Marin

Travel is more than just an experience, is a continual process of education, self-discovery and exchange that leaves necessary marks. Opted for an alternative educational method that goes outside of mainstream culture and seeks to enrich every day learning through genuine exchange as a form of knowledge. Passionate for cooking… more »

Picture of Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee was born in California and grew up in Hong Kong, the city where she has lived her whole life (so far!). She is currently studying at the University of Hong Kong, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies and Linguistics. Rather than look for a place to… more »

Picture of Ellen Von Wiegand

Ellen Von Wiegand

Upon recognising a passion for art history and the Italian language, Ellen moved from her hometown of Menlo Park, California to spend her university years at John Cabot University in Rome. Several gallery internships during her studies led to an interest in contemporary art and to her decision to pursue… more »

Picture of Ellie Griffiths

Ellie Griffiths

Growing up in the most isolated city in the world, Ellie moved to London embarking on a new journey and embracing her love for all things culture-based. Despite making her way across the world taking photographs of everything and eating her way through anything sweet and sugary, Ellie continues to… more »

Picture of Ellie Philpotts

Ellie Philpotts

I’m Ellie, I’m in my second year studying English Literature and Journalism at Cardiff University, and I’m loving every minute of this crazy thing I call my life. As an aspiring journalist, I’m always looking for new opportunities, which means my workload is kind of overflowing with freelance ventures. But… more »

Picture of Emily Langan

Emily Langan

Originally from the New England area, Emily Langan is currently a sophomore at Boston University studying English and Communications. She loves to travel and read, which led her to begin writing for The Culture Trip. As an aspiring writer with a passion for dance and the arts, inspiration is never… more »

Picture of Enrichetta Frezzato

Enrichetta Frezzato

Enrichetta Frezzato was born in a tiny village in the province of Vicenza, Italy, less than one hour’s drive from Verona and Venice. Rallied across Europe on the back seat of her parents’ car since a young age, she enjoyed pulling faces at stewards on her very first flight and… more »

Picture of Erdinch Yigitçe

Erdinch Yigitçe

Erdinch Yigitçe is a London-born Turkish-Cypriot Literature graduate, writer and culture vulture. His personal interests include the works of Cormac McCarthy, modern American Fiction, Prince, criticism and The Third Man. He also loves European cinema and the films of David Lynch, Dario Argento and Joon-ho Bong.

Picture of Erin Leeder

Erin Leeder

Erin Leeder was born and raised in Melbourne. She has nearly completed a Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University, and plans to travel more once she graduates. Her interests include pop culture, history, fair trade and the lighter side of life. You can find her on Twitter: @155erin.

Picture of Esha Chaman

Esha Chaman

Esha Chaman was born in London and graduated with a BA in English (EU) from the University of Leicester. As a part of her studies she did an Erasmus placement in Bologna for a year where she learnt how to speak Italian. It was whilst living in Bologna where she… more »

Picture of Evangelos Tsirmpas

Evangelos Tsirmpas

Vagelis Tsirmpas is a 23-year-old Athens-born travel enthusiast who holds a BA in interpreting and a MA in translation. He studied in Corfu, the island of his heart, and uses foreign languages as a passport to different cultures. After traveling to various European countries, his next goal is a trip… more »

Picture of Federico Rosa

Federico Rosa

Federico Rosa was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where he founded the X3 Projects, an independent artist’s space that showcases contemporary art by Honduran and international artists. In 2003 He received his B.A. in Painting from the City and Guilds of London Art School, and completed an M.A. in Sculpture from… more »

Picture of Fernando Luis González Mitjáns

Fernando Luis González Mitjáns

Born in La Habana, Cuba, Fernando Luis González Mitjáns emigrated from his homeland at the age of ten, leaving behind his culture and family only to find a new home in Brasília, Brazil. Although he left the country, Cuba never left him and he thus chose an academic career in… more »

Picture of Frankie Gordon

Frankie Gordon

Frankie is a Melbourne based interior designer, who is interested in health, wellbeing and technology as well as design. She gains inspiration from Melbourne, from its underground music scene to its hidden coffee gems, and everything in between. Follow her on Instagram @misslifestylemelbourne

Picture of Gabriele Shacknai

Gabriele Shacknai

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Gabby now studies English Literature and History at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Having grown up in a diverse, multi-cultural family, she long had an insatiable appetite for travel and exploration and, as a result, has spent her holidays and weekends travelling around… more »

Picture of Grace Berry

Grace Berry

I currently study History of Art and English Literature at Edinburgh University. Whilst living in this beautiful city I like to take full advantage of the plethora of Art and culture right on my doorstep! Other than studying, I spend my days visiting art galleries and exploring the Scottish capital… more »

Picture of Graziano Scaldaferri

Graziano Scaldaferri

Graziano Scaldaferri was born in a small town 150 km away south of Naples, and always enjoyed all that being born in southern Italy entails: the great climate and the even better food. He completed his studies in Communication Sciences in Naples, but with only his final dissertation to go… more »

Picture of Hal Swindall

Hal Swindall

A native of California, Hal Swindall received his PhD in comparative literature from UC Riverside in 1994, and has wandered East Asia as a vagabond English professor ever since. His dissertation was on fin-de-siecle British, French and Italian novels and art criticism, but he has developed new oriental interests, especially… more »