Picture of Pauline Vanhoutte

Pauline Vanhoutte

Pauline was born and raised in Belgium. She’s always loved traveling and truly believes it allows individuals to be more tolerant of others and open to new cultures.Pauline’s had the opportunity to travel often, but will always call Belgium home. She’s always dreamed of being a journalist and is currently… more »

Picture of Sara Gonçalves Fernandes

Sara Gonçalves Fernandes

Sara was born in Portugal and has been living in Brussels for almost 3 years now. A city that was meant to last 12 months on her CV has become a more permanent home. Belgium has, despite its lack of sunny days, managed to conquer and surprise her. Having lived… more »

Picture of Stephanie Benoit

Stephanie Benoit

Stephanie Benoit was born in Hong Kong, and spent most of her childhood moving around Asia. She studied an MA in French and English at the University of Ghent, and then went on to do a second masters in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. She is passionate about… more »

Picture of Teresa Lopes Vieira

Teresa Lopes Vieira

Teresa is a Portuguese writer who has published three novels. Although the last one takes place in Lisbon, the first two were inspired by her travels in South America, Egypt and Holland. She also won an award for young writers, with poems in Portuguese. After teaching creative writing for two… more »

Picture of Tom Coggins

Tom Coggins

Tom Coggins is a freelance writer, editor and researcher living in Amsterdam. Moving to the Netherlands, to study a research masters in philosophy, he has since began to concentrate on European intellectual history and contemporary culture, focusing on interactions between the arts, technology, urbanism and literature.

Picture of Yana Pargova

Yana Pargova

Compulsive experience seeker, curious by nature, easily enchanted by details, lover of the arts. Born in Bulgaria, Yana moved to Brussels two years ago and has been under its spell ever since. With background in cultural studies and digital communications, she spent the last few years working on contemporary art… more »