Picture of Brienne Pierce

Brienne Pierce

Brienne Pierce is a twenty-something Berliner who feels awkward about writing about herself in the third person, but always seems to be doing it anyway– Rutgers Grad, poet warrior, bartender of poorly timed comedy, bonafide expat, french fry connoisseur, & neophyte adult. The kind of woman who hates the sound… more »

Picture of Caitlin Hughes

Caitlin Hughes

Caitlin Hughes is a content strategist and editor with a BA in English Literature. Having grown up in Wales, she moved to Berlin after graduating from Cardiff University in 2013. Her free time is mostly spent exploring Berlin’s rich and exciting food scene, and making the most of the city’s… more »

Picture of Elisa Settembre

Elisa Settembre

Elisa is a Berlin-based freelance writer, irrevocably fascinated by the authentic version of life in a big city. After graduating in Law at King’s College London, she decided to abandon the legal path and follow her true dreams. Having moved to Berlin, she has made it her personal mission to… more »

Picture of Harriet Blackmore

Harriet Blackmore

Born and raised in England, Harriet moved to Berlin initially to learn the language for a month. Now living here, and continuing to work with a love for the written word in as many different ways as possible. Whether that’s through making zines, researching articles, studying or writing letters, a… more »

Picture of Julianne Cordary

Julianne Cordary

Julianne is a freelance arts writer. After completing her studies in history of art at University College London, she moved to Berlin to continue researching and writing about German art and visual culture, learn a new language, explore the city’s eclectic architecture, and frequent its many markets. Though she is… more »

Picture of Sophie Fenella Robins

Sophie Fenella Robins

Sophie is a writer and performance artist originally from London, currently living in Berlin. She likes watching, performing and reading poetry, discovering new artists and pretty much everything about theatre.

Sophie is the Berlin hub’s Theater Editor.