Picture of Aine McGlynn

Aine McGlynn

Aine is an Irish-born, Canadian-raised writer living and (sort of) working in the South of Spain. She wakes up every morning to the sound of turtle doves cooing in the orange trees outside, and yet sometimes misses the sounds of Toronto raccoons maliciously kicking over garbage cans in the driveway… more »

Picture of Alison Moss

Alison Moss

Alison is a PhD student in Aesthetics and Art Theory who is focusing her research on the definition of abstraction in contemporary art. As an avid reader, writer and art-lover she spends most of her time in libraries and museums, but she also thoroughly enjoys exploring the city’s hidden spots… more »

Picture of Aminah Barnes

Aminah Barnes

Originally from the UK, Aminah has been living in Barcelona since 2013. She graduated with a degree in Sociology, which furthered her interest in different cultures and exploring new places. She travelled for several years before settling down in Barcelona, throughout which time she managed to explore many different places… more »

Picture of Cristina Tomàs White

Cristina Tomàs White

Cristina is a half-Spanish, half-American master’s student in Citizenship and Human Rights at the University of Barcelona. Although she is currently based in Spain, she has also lived in Los Angeles, Paris and Bath. Being of a multi-cultural background herself, her passion for travel and learning about other places dates… more »

Picture of Dea Angan

Dea Angan

Born in Indonesia, Dea Angan has developed passions for crafts and writing. Being a primary teacher by profession, she has turned her creative passions into the crafts blog, Lo Hice Yo, where she shares her handmade crafts, DIY tutorials and inspires her readers to live a more fulfilled life. When… more »

Picture of Edgar de Jesús

Edgar de Jesús

Born and raised in Barcelona, Edgar holds a Bachelor in Business and has been working on purchases management for the last years. His love for writing brought him to The Culture Trip where he stays in touch with his interest for arts and history. In the future he intends to… more »

Picture of Elena Isaeva

Elena Isaeva

Originally from Moscow, Elena has been living in Barcelona since 2013. A professional linguist and translator, she’s always been passionate about travel, urban art and cultural journalism: most of her free time is devoted to the exploration of the various art events, photo installations, unusual film and music festivals and… more »

Picture of Elizabeth Segura Novoa

Elizabeth Segura Novoa

Born and raised in Colombia, Elizabeth spent most of her life surrounded by her large family in her hometown of Bogotá. She has a degree in Modern Languages and is currently studying for a Master’s in Editing at UCM Madrid. An avid reader, she loves every detail of a book… more »

Picture of Hana LaRock

Hana LaRock

Hana LaRock is an ESL teacher and freelance travel writer. She’s originally from New York, but currently lives in South Korea with her travel partner and loyal dog. Whenever she’s not working, she’s traveling somewhere new and exciting. Hana loves to read, eat amazing (and sometimes bizarre) food, and daydream… more »

Picture of Katherine Tolley

Katherine Tolley

Katherine is a part-time English teacher, writer, and full-time food enthusiast based in Barcelona, Spain. In her free time she drinks coffee, looks for new restaurants to try, and photographs the stunning art, design, and architecture of Barcelona. As a celiac in Spain, she reluctantly leads a gluten-free life but… more »

Picture of Mariella Tilena

Mariella Tilena

Born in Guatemala City, raised in a small town in the south of Italy, Mariella has been living between Milan and London since 2005 as an account manager in digital advertising agencies and as web editor for blogs and magazines. Passionate about digital and tech trends, art and music, Mariella… more »

Picture of Michael Leafe

Michael Leafe

Originally hailing from Leicestershire, UK, Michael Leafe now writes from his adoptive home in Barcelona. He combines two of his passions – travel and writing – by investigating cultural trends wherever he visits and scribbling about them afterwards. He also writes web content and blog posts for businesses and, when… more »

Picture of Mirva Kemppainen

Mirva Kemppainen

An art lover living in Barcelona, Mirva is inspired every day by this extraordinary city. In the future she wishes to fully concentrate on writing, photography and dancing - three things that always bring smile to her face.

Picture of Monica Nastase

Monica Nastase

A proud Barcelona resident since 2011, Monica is a freelance copywriter helping businesses in the tourism industry tell better stories. Originally from Romania, Monica has also lived in the US and Germany, and travelled to more than 20 countries. Her passions for writing and discovering the authentic flavor of new… more »

Picture of Pete Ross

Pete Ross

Book lover, news junkie, politics bore and happy hour aficionado, Pete is a regular contributor to the Culture Trip where he writes primarily about Madrid.

Picture of Rubén García Ramos

Rubén García Ramos

Originally from the Canary Islands, Rubén García Ramos now lives in Madrid. His childhood interest in drawing and painting evolved into a passion for photography and digital editing. He is devoted to the art world, especially visual aesthetic works such as music videos, as well as East Asian animation (he… more »

Picture of Sam Walker-Smart

Sam Walker-Smart

Originally from darkest Cornwall, UK, Sam has been living in Barcelona since 2015 and can be found skulking around Gotico. He’s previously written for CLASH, Little White Lies, Artrocker and once had his poetry read by the Prince of Wales. He enjoys craft beer and arguing about films.

Picture of Susanna Corchia

Susanna Corchia

Susanna Corchia was born in Italy but made the permanent move to her new home Barcelona in 2007. She graduated in History and Critiques of Cinema and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Travel Journalism. She manages the contemporary art gallery ADN Galería and sings in the rock band Sick… more »