Picture of Abi Deeprose

Abi Deeprose

Abi is an English Literature student and aspiring magazine editor from London. She enjoys cooking, running, hiking and exploring new cities, and has an insatiable passion for all things wellness. More than anything else, Abi loves being with her family, and going out to eat.

Picture of Abi Himan

Abi Himan

Abi is a History of Art and Gallery Studies graduate. Her passion for contemporary art takes her to galleries and museums all over the world, but she can usually be found pacing newly opened exhibitions in Mayfair and East London. When she’s not gallery-hopping, she’s looking for the best new… more »

Picture of Alex MacKay

Alex MacKay

22 years old and MA (Hons) English & Film Studies graduate of the University of St Andrews. Budding filmmaker and screenwriter. My three great loves are flat whites, Saturday Night Live and the music of Taylor Alison Swift. I also have a weird fantasy about having Stanley Tucci as my… more »

Picture of Alice Barber

Alice Barber

Alice Barber is an English Literature student and aspiring journalist who simply loves to write. She also has an incurable passion for theatre, and along with being addicted to attending shows, currently produces for Green Door Theatre Company.

Picture of Alice Burns

Alice Burns

Alice is a fanatic for all things culture-related, especially when it comes to city lifestyle. Her passion for writing and communications led her into the world of PR after graduating from the University of Leeds last year. She can often be found exploring undiscovered coffee shops and cocktail bars in… more »

Picture of Alyssa Erspamer

Alyssa Erspamer

Alyssa Erspamer is a student at UCL specialising in anthropology and German. She grew up in the US, near Boston, but has Italian roots. Her humble wish is to explore the whole world one day and to live on a farm, but in the meantime she settles with wandering around… more »

Picture of Amanda Chain

Amanda Chain

Amanda ditched the American dream for a British one when she moved from Philadelphia to England. Recently graduating with an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies from University College London, she’s fallen love with the bad weather, good books and the strange version of football. Amanda is a former school teacher… more »

Picture of Amanda Flanaghan

Amanda Flanaghan

Amanda is a graduate of French and Spanish with a keen interest in foreign languages, and all things particularly European related. She also holds a passion for travel, art and world cinema, and not to mention exploring new places and writing about all cultural aspects within cities.

Picture of Ambika Rajgopal

Ambika Rajgopal

Ambika Rajgopal, originally from New Delhi, currently resides in London. She has an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths, University of London and an MSc in Art, Law and Business from Christie’s Education, London. Ambika has previously worked in the Indian and Islamic Department at Christie’s, South Kensington, London… more »

Picture of Amelia Florence Simmons

Amelia Florence Simmons

By day, Amelia does social media for films and TV. By night, she explores all corners of London to find the best food, drink and events the city has to offer. She has recently made birch crowns in Stockholm at Midsommar, got muddy at Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire and… more »

Picture of Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Always planning her next getaway, Amy is a travel junkie with a heck of an appetite. She writes about food, travel and art on her own blog Arts End of Nowhere, and produces The Culture Trip posts about places as far ranging as Bali, London and Tokyo.

Picture of Angelica Gianni

Angelica Gianni

Angelica has recently graduated in English and Comparative Literature, from Goldsmiths University of London. Her passions are books, travel, and art. She is a curious person, and is always trying to find and learn new things. One day she hopes to work for an important magazine, or be part of… more »

Picture of Angie Quinn

Angie Quinn

Currently building a feature-writing career and finishing a Journalism and Media BA, Angie loves exploring and all things cultural, musical, theatre, show-business, arty and palatable. Oscar Wilde is her literary hero, feel free to follow her on Twitter.

Picture of Anna Abenhaim

Anna Abenhaim

Originally from France, Anna travelled around for a few years and lived in a few great cities such as Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and Tel Aviv. She studied at Sciences Po Paris, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia, and has worked at the United Nations… more »

Picture of Anna Koutras

Anna Koutras

Anna is a writer based in London. She’s fanatical about discovering new places, eating amazing food and enjoying everything that London has to offer. She’s lived in America and Greece, and has travelled all over the world, but she’s proud to call London home. She’s never in one place for… more »

Picture of Anouszka Tate

Anouszka Tate

Anouszka is a print journalist and radio & TV presenter / producer with a penchant for sarcasm and tongue in cheek wit. When she’s not busy being all career driven she’ll be exploring London, working out or making lists.

Picture of Antonia Mason

Antonia Mason

Having just returned from a year abroad in Canada, Antonia is heading into her fourth year studying English & Classical Literature at the University of Leeds. She caught the travel bug years ago while drinking caipirinhas and cuddling alpacas in South America and has not stopped continent hopping ever since… more »

Picture of Anya Kordecki

Anya Kordecki

Anya Kordecki is a Nottingham-born film enthusiast and avid traveller. She considers learning about cultures and different lives to be very important and believes that there is a lot more to be discovered in stories and films than is often realised Over the last few years, she has been working… more »

Picture of Ayse Huseyin

Ayse Huseyin

Ayse Huseyin, known to her friends as “Blue” was born in London, but was flying around the world before she could even walk. Her life-long fascination with world culture and literature has seen her working in the mountains of New Mexico, trekking across New Zealand, and constantly hungry for her… more »

Picture of Barbara Speed

Barbara Speed

Barbara is a freelance journalist and Master’s student based in London. She moved to London to study journalism after an English Literature degree at Oxford, and is glad to have left old books behind her in favour of everything else the world has to offer. She has also lived in… more »

Picture of Becca Cairns

Becca Cairns

Becca is in her fourth year at St Andrews University, studying English literature. She loves to travel and visit new places, and is also a part-time lifeguard. She enjoys swimming and running, and in her spare time likes to pick up a good book or watch a film.

Picture of Ben Southwood

Ben Southwood

Ben is a 24-year-old working as an economist for a Westminster think tank. In his spare time he obsesses over food, whether Southern BBQ, French provincial cooking or modern European fine dining, and music. His personal food blog, is of course a genius if obscure pun name.

Picture of Bethan Morgan

Bethan Morgan

Born and raised on the outskirts of London, Bethan studied Architecture at the University of Brighton before moving on to study History of Art, Design and Film in both London and New York. After returning to the UK from America, Bethan has worked in various capacities throughout the contemporary art… more »

Picture of Bethan Sweeting

Bethan Sweeting

I graduated from the University of York with a degree in Philosophy in 2014. Since then I did a ski season in Val d’Isere and travelled around India, Cambodia and Bali for a couple of months. In 2012 I InterRailed around Europe, mostly central/slightly Eastern Europe for a month. I… more »

Picture of Biya Haq

Biya Haq

Biya Haq has an extreme case of wanderlust that has brought her to London for the summer. She loves all things cultural, edible, musical and did we say edible? Going into her fourth year at Rutgers University in New Jersey she is a journalism and media studies student with a… more »

Picture of Caitlin Hughes

Caitlin Hughes

Caitlin Hughes is a content strategist and editor with a BA in English Literature. Having grown up in Wales, she moved to Berlin after graduating from Cardiff University in 2013. Her free time is mostly spent exploring Berlin’s rich and exciting food scene, and making the most of the city’s… more »

Picture of Caoilfhionn Rose

Caoilfhionn Rose

Caoilfhionn is a freelance wordsmith and hopeless vagabond who travels the world armed with a Canon 1100D and a loose moral compass. Currently surviving an MSc Magazine Publishing in Edinburgh with help from French Martini’s, Orange Is The New Black and dreams of a future in NYC. She has touched… more »

Picture of Cassandra Naji

Cassandra Naji

Cassandra Naji is a writer and editor with over ten years of experience in magazines and media fundraising. A graduate in English Literature, she went on the study for a post-graduate diploma in Newspaper Journalism before reading for a Masters in Theatre at Edinburgh, where she specialised in Scandinavian Modernism… more »

Picture of Caterina Mirra

Caterina Mirra

Caterina’s passion for writing and exploring brings her to study in London. Recent graduate in Journalism (MA), she enjoys discovering new places and gets inspired by all the exciting activities London has to offer. Caterina is a real sports passionate and obsessed about food and theatre.

Picture of Charlotte Chorley

Charlotte Chorley

Charlotte is currently studying for a BA (Hons) in English at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge. A poet and journalist, she has written for several websites and publications, and regularly performs her work at student events in Cambridge. She has a great interest in art, especially female sculptors of the… more »

Picture of Chloe Hay

Chloe Hay

Chloe Hay is a 24-year-old food obsessed Londoner who spends her days thinking, talking and writing about food. When she’s not scurrying around her home city seeking out the next hottest deli or underground speakeasy, she’s likely to be on the hunt for the best local eateries abroad. To see… more »

Picture of Chloe Kerr

Chloe Kerr

Chloe is a modern languages graduate and current MA Newspaper student at City University London. She’s passionate about all things fashion, food and culture… and writing about them too. Chloe is also an avid traveller and is always looking for her next adventure.

Picture of Christopher Bryn Viner

Christopher Bryn Viner

Christopher Bryn Viner is a writer, and the editor of the London based quarterly literary magazine You Stumble into a Room Full of Poets. He has a special interest in poetry, taking particular inspiration from the romantics, the moderns, and the beats.

When Christopher isn’t writing or editing, you might… more »

Picture of Claire Burling

Claire Burling

Claire is a graduate from University of Birmingham where she studied French and discovered her love of travel. She has an ever-growing bucket list of countries to visit and cuisines to sample. In her spare time she loves to bake, eat, work it off at the gym, and then eat… more »

Picture of Claire Hayward

Claire Hayward

Born and raised in Kent, Claire Hayward has lived in London since 2007, where she studied at Kingston University. Having completed her BA (Hons) History and MA Early Modern History there, she decided to stay a little longer and has recently embarked on a History PhD. Her research has previously… more »

Picture of Clara Chiarpei

Clara Chiarpei

While working as a Teacher Assistant in one of the best schools in London, Clara is completing her BA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University. Aiming to become a writer, she loves to wonder around the city to find inspiration for her stories. She is always on the hunt to… more »

Picture of Clémence Charbonnier

Clémence Charbonnier

A twenty-something from South Western France, Clémence recently earned a masters degree in English from the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris, France). There’s nothing she loves more than a good story, whether it be in a book, a film, a song or a conversation. She’s also an avid traveller, going crazy… more »

Picture of Dan Einav

Dan Einav

Dan Einav is an undergraduate English Literature student at the University of St Andrews. He enjoys writing about anything cultural from lewd Medieval riddles to Woody Allen. His main interests include reading English Renaissance and 20th Century literature, going to art galleries, playing his guitars and watching great films.

Picture of Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood

Danielle is a Features Editor at Your Coffee Break Magazine and has a fascination with living a life full of creativity. Theatrical soul. Cinematic admirer. Champion frolicker. Avid foodie. Sunset enthusiast.

Picture of Edwina Boyd-Gibbins

Edwina Boyd-Gibbins

Edwina Boyd-Gibbins is a freelance journalist, writer and publicist. She’s contributed to the likes of The Guardian and Stylist, and is a regular contributor to The Culture Trip. She’s passionate about food and all things cultural, and also writes about restaurants and recipes on her blog, All Things Nice.

Picture of Eleanor Cunningham

Eleanor Cunningham

A Fine Artist and Editor, Eleanor Cunningham has always been fascinated by the world of contemporary art, specifically within the medium of photography. She grew up in the small cathedral city of Lichfield in the West Midlands before completing a BA Degree in Fine Art at Loughborough University. Eleanor was… more »

Picture of Eleanor Russell

Eleanor Russell

Ellie recently graduated from Leeds with a degree in English Literature and Spanish. Her dual passion for art and baking means that she can often be found up to her elbows in either paint or cake batter, but she also loves cats, reading, cats, Barcelona and cats.

Picture of Eliza Jorn

Eliza Jorn

My name is Eliza Jorn, I am an American student abroad at the University of St Andrews and have been contributing to the Culture Trip for the past few months. I specialize in pieces on film but have done articles on other topics such as Burns Night events, etc. Look… more »

Picture of Ellen Ridsdale

Ellen Ridsdale

Ellen is a fourth year English Literature & French student at the University of St Andrews. She found her love for travel writing during her year abroad in Toulouse, France and has since not stopped adding destinations to her wander-list. When not attached to social media, you’ll find her nose… more »

Picture of Ellie Philpotts

Ellie Philpotts

I’m Ellie, I’m in my second year studying English Literature and Journalism at Cardiff University, and I’m loving every minute of this crazy thing I call my life. As an aspiring journalist, I’m always looking for new opportunities, which means my workload is kind of overflowing with freelance ventures. But… more »

Picture of Emily Gray

Emily Gray

Having moved to London after graduating from the University of Exeter, Emily is now the Editor of The Handbook, a guide to London’s latest restaurant, hotel, bar and club news. She also works as a freelance writer and has contributed to a range of online and print publications.

Picture of Emma Cooke

Emma Cooke

Emma is a journalist with an obsession for all things culture-related. She is Online Editor of blow LTD, and Fashion Features Editor of Parisian magazine, L’Insolent.

Picture of Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy

Emma is a freelance writer and journalist, based in England. She has a BA (Hons) in Journalism with NCTJ accreditation and ten years’ experience with news writing, feature writing and advertorials. In her spare time, she can often be found reading, looking wistfully at expensive flights to Canada and Japan… more »

Picture of Esha Chaman

Esha Chaman

Esha Chaman was born in London and graduated with a BA in English (EU) from the University of Leicester. As a part of her studies she did an Erasmus placement in Bologna for a year where she learnt how to speak Italian. It was whilst living in Bologna where she… more »

Picture of Eva Menger

Eva Menger

Eva is a freelance translator and writer with great interest in popular culture. She especially enjoys writing about film, history and weird trends. Being a Dutchie, she grew up in the Netherlands and studied in Amsterdam, but she always felt greater things were awaiting her overseas, which is why she… more »

Picture of Federica Signoriello

Federica Signoriello

Federica comes from the South of Italy in Naples, and although she loves it there she has been living in London for two years now. She is currently finishing her Journalism MA at the Birkbeck College and building up her professional career in the world of Media and Communication. Federica… more »

Picture of Firgas Esack

Firgas Esack

Firgas is a writer and blogger who lives in up-and-coming Forest Gate. She loves London for it’s random bits of wilderness, historic buildings, chaos and car boot sales. She always drinks her Martini stirred.

Picture of Fran Lynagh

Fran Lynagh

Fran Lynagh is primarily a TV journalist freelancing in newsrooms, but she is also building a career as a writer. Inspired by her undergrad degree in History of Art & Italian, she enjoys writing cultural features - particularly on art and travel.

Picture of Francesca Hobson

Francesca Hobson

A recent English Literature and Classical Civilisation graduate, Francesca is interested in pursuing a career as an editor or publicist. Having worked previously with Woman & Home magazine and Healthy magazine, she is keen to experience the workings of different publications. Most likely found with her nose in a book… more »

Picture of Gemma Roxanne Lake

Gemma Roxanne Lake

Gemma Roxanne Lake is an English Literature and Creative Writing graduate currently studying for a Master’s degree in Literature, Culture and Identity at Portsmouth. Along with the Culture Trip, she has also written for the Bath Chronicle, and loves to travel, trail-run and ride horses in her spare time.

Picture of Gina Chahal

Gina Chahal

Gina is a 20-year old undergraduate studying English Literature at Oxford Brookes University. Her Indian heritage and growing up in Kent inspired her love for all things cultural. She is most likely found trying to finish a mammoth reading list, attempting to emulate Hendrix when playing guitar or exploring London… more »

Picture of Grace Berry

Grace Berry

I currently study History of Art and English Literature at Edinburgh University. Whilst living in this beautiful city I like to take full advantage of the plethora of Art and culture right on my doorstep! Other than studying, I spend my days visiting art galleries and exploring the Scottish capital… more »

Picture of Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans is a final year undergraduate at University of Durham in the UK. She studies archeology and anthropology and has a passion for communicating the past, particularly London’s past, since she has lived there her whole life. Her favourite area in London is the Square Mile, home to the… more »

Picture of Harriet Blackmore

Harriet Blackmore

Born and raised in England, Harriet moved to Berlin initially to learn the language for a month. Now living here, and continuing to work with a love for the written word in as many different ways as possible. Whether that’s through making zines, researching articles, studying or writing letters, a… more »

Picture of Hayley Ricketson

Hayley Ricketson

Hayley Ricketson is an Australian playwright completing an MA in Text and Performance in London, between the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and Birkbeck, University of London. She has staged two original productions in Melbourne and has experience in the performing arts industry as a writer, director, performer, stage… more »

Picture of Helen Armitage

Helen Armitage

Helen Armitage lives near Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England where she recently graduated with a Masters in Magazine Journalism. She enjoys writing about culture, pop culture, feminism and film and her favourite destinations are New York City and Dublin. She is about to embark on a… more »

Picture of Helen Brady

Helen Brady

Helen was born in Manchester and pursued her higher education at the University of Leeds. A keen writer and editor, she has contributed to various media outlets with both articles and photographs. She has a BA in English and History of Art as well as an MA in History of… more »

Picture of Huw Fullerton

Huw Fullerton

Born in South Wales, Huw Fullerton is a freelance journalist and sub-editor based in London. He has a BA in English Literature from the University of Oxford, and is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Magazine Journalism at City University London. When he’s not trying to shoehorn culture into… more »

Picture of Isa Morais

Isa Morais

Isa is passionate about art, food and culture and can’t wait to write all about it. She studies History of Art in London, and is hoping to go into a career in the heritage and cultural sector.

Picture of Isabel Morrish

Isabel Morrish

Born and raised in Kent, Isabel lives in London after graduating from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in History of Art and English Literature. She is Editor of uk.untitled, which promotes young artists, emerging critics and art historians across the UK, and has also contributed to the Royal… more »

Picture of James Norman

James Norman

A Cardiff-born writer, James Norman is a professional wordsmith, creating content across several different sectors. A BA English (Hons) graduate, James has interviewed key figures in Welsh communities relating to the environment, health and tourism. His passion for writing began at an early age, contributing to collections of poetry published… more »

Picture of Jessica Barnfield

Jessica Barnfield

Jessica is a 24 year old graduate living between London and Oxford. She loves to travel, read, and gravitates towards artwork that showcases the weird and fantastical. She writes every chance she gets, and is the founder of her own content company Pure Translation.

Picture of Jessica Buck

Jessica Buck

Jess is a 22 year old travel-obsessive, always planning her next adventure! She loves ticking iconic landmarks off her bucket list and has a particular passion for fun filled European city breaks. Follow her latest news over on her travel blog ‘Journeys with Jessica’.

Picture of Jessica Woodward

Jessica Woodward

Originally from the Isle of Wight (UK), Jessica developed a love of learning about other languages and countries, which led her to Oxford University in 2010 to study French and Spanish. Now working towards an MA in Translation at Surrey University, she spends much of her time writing and translating… more »

Picture of Jessie Lim

Jessie Lim

Jessie loves to bake and brunch, and tries to spend (more of) her time in the gym so that she has room for dessert. An avid traveller and always on the lookout for interesting activities to try, she is up for almost everything. Currently studying Geography at University College London… more »

Picture of Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson

Joe is completing his BA in screenwriting at Central Film School. He works as a freelance writer, and spends much of his spare time reading books and working on personal writing projects. He is passionate about many genres of music and European cinema.

Picture of Joey Leskin

Joey Leskin

Joey is a London tour guide and freelance writer covering all things travel, life and London. His personal site London, Life Rules and Tales From Afar (which he objectively recommends very highly) can be found at the inexplicably different URL www.ctrlaltdeletelondon.com.

Picture of Johanna Gill

Johanna Gill

Johanna is a German student at the University of Magdeburg, specialising in International Journalism. As part of her studies she’s currently doing an Internship at The Culture Trip in London. Besides writing, she loves good food & books, sports and all things cultural, and has a passion for travelling and… more »

Picture of Josephine Mizen

Josephine Mizen

Josephine is a student of European Social and Political Studies with German at University College London. Having grown up in and around London, she has experienced life in a multicultural city and this has given her a strong passion for travelling and learning about other cultures. Aside from travelling, her… more »

Picture of Josh Wright

Josh Wright

Josh is a graduate of the University of Leicester’s English and American Studies program, and spent the third year of his degree abroad at the University of Oregon. It was there that he indulged his long-held interests in archaeology and the American West, and developed a new one in Mexican… more »

Picture of Joséphine Gambade

Joséphine Gambade

Josephine is a second year French and Greek International Politics, German and Anthropology student at UCL, London. Having been brought up in the middle of two different culture and families, she learned how to observe each community’s particularities young, which led her later on to her current studies. Her passion… more »

Picture of Julianne Cordary

Julianne Cordary

Julianne is a freelance arts writer. After completing her studies in history of art at University College London, she moved to Berlin to continue researching and writing about German art and visual culture, learn a new language, explore the city’s eclectic architecture, and frequent its many markets. Though she is… more »

Picture of Kaja Kozak

Kaja Kozak

Kaja is a writer who is passionate about anything art, fashion, and food related. Having been born with the wanderlust gene she’s traveled extensively since she was a child attempting to circumvent her ever-present writer’s block. She dreams of moving to a cottage in a picturesque village somewhere, owning a… more »

Picture of Kate Jefford

Kate Jefford

Kate Jefford is a postgraduate MA student of Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, London. She has an extensive background working in NHS mental health services and a love of travel, literature, art, cinema, and theatre. In the past 3 years, Kate has had several works of short-fiction published.

Picture of Kate Rigg

Kate Rigg

Kate Rigg is a student at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She is training as a writer, director and performer. Born in Glasgow, she did her undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews and graduated with a first in English.

Picture of Katherine Middleton

Katherine Middleton

Katherine Middleton is a qualified doctor and aspiring screenwriter originally from Wales, now living in London. At 10 years old her favourite film was Reservoir Dogs, which says all you need to know.

Picture of Kelsey Traynor

Kelsey Traynor

Kelsey is a well-versed communications consultant who is always looking for an adventure. Her free time is spent exploring the best restaurants and bars in town, and trying to balance that out with some wellbeing and fitness.

Picture of Kia Hunt

Kia Hunt

Kia Marie Hunt has a passion for travel, learning foreign languages, and experiencing different cultures. As a student of Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician at the University of Birmingham, she is particularly interested in all things Hispanic, and is soon to be studying abroad in Uruguay and Brazil. Kia is a… more »

Picture of Kitty Hudson

Kitty Hudson

Kitty Hudson’s interest in art history was sparked by an early trip to Italy with Art History Abroad, and more than a decade later – via Edinburgh University, the Courtauld and UEA – she has finally finished her PhD on British art in the 1920s. If not writing or curating… more »

Picture of Laura Piccirillo

Laura Piccirillo

Laura is a Londoner born and bred and proud to call the capital her home. Recently graduated from her degree in Modern Languages at University College London, reading Italian and Spanish, Laura is an avid traveller, word nerd and major foodie.

Picture of Laura Tan

Laura Tan

Laura Tan is a freelance writer and full-time foodie whose love of culture and diversity is influenced by her mixed heritage. Her father is originally from sunny Serangoon on the tropical island of Singapore and her mother was born in the not-so-sunny-but-very-pretty ‘Garden of England’ in Kent, England. Spending weekends… more »

Picture of Lauren England

Lauren England

Lauren’s passion for contemporary art and design was inspired by childhood visits to galleries and museums in key European and American cities. Born and raised in Hertfordshire, spending two years in the USA during her teens, she has a BA in Glass and Ceramics from the University of Sunderland. Throughout… more »

Picture of Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner

Laurence Gardner is an Editor and Writer, who maintains a keen interest in Literature, Journalism and music. Born and raised in Leicestershire, Laurence moved to London to study English Literature with Creative Writing at London South Bank University. Shortly after moving to London, he helped found The Pig Faced Lady… more »

Picture of Lena Blos

Lena Blos

Born in rural Germany, Lena showed a passion for philosophy, culture and language from an early age. In recent years she has worked as a trainee in a Greek diving centre, an English teacher in Thailand until finally becoming a student of politics and languages in London. Lena has focused… more »

Picture of Leva Matiejunaite

Leva Matiejunaite

I’m a 22-years-old student from Vilnius, Lithuania currently doing my last year of MA in Italian and English Literature at Edinburgh University, UK. I love travelling, cinema, all things cultural, but I’m especially passionate about theatre and acting. I spent last year in Bologna University, Italy doing my Erasmus year… more »

Picture of Lindsay Parnell

Lindsay Parnell

Lindsay Parnell recently completed her M.F.A. at Kingston University in London and is currently based in Virginia, USA. Her fiction has appeared in 3:AM, Beat the Dust, Underground Voices and 4’33 Audio Magazine. As the proud owner of a collection of thirteen different editions of ‘The Bell Jar’, she is… more »

Picture of Linn Vardheim

Linn Vardheim

A fourth year English Literature student at the University of Edinburgh, Linn is currently struggling through her dissertation, while figuring out what to do with the rest of her life. Originally from Norway, she is passionately interested in anything to do with travel, languages, literature, popular culture, and the arts… more »

Picture of Luke Abrahams

Luke Abrahams

Luke Abrahams is a born and bred Londoner and is proud to call the capital his home. He mostly writes about popular culture trends and pugs but isn’t afraid to tackle food, art and style from time-to-time.

Picture of Lynsey Ford

Lynsey Ford

Lynsey is a Film & Media Studies graduate from Birkbeck College, who enjoys trips to galleries, museums and art exhibitions. Lynsey loves art deco, poetry, film noir and documentaries.

Picture of Madis Kabash

Madis Kabash

Currently an undergraduate history student at Queen Mary University of London. Particularly interested in the history of architecture, culture, philosophy and art. Originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan having lived in the United States and Switzerland. In her free time she chooses to explore London, write, paint and attempt acting.

Picture of Maisie Hayden

Maisie Hayden

Maisie is an English and Film Studies graduate planning to study acting in London. She enjoys traveling to new places whilst going to rock concerts around the world. When she is not soaking up information from wildlife documentaries and memoirs by her favourite artists, Maisie can be found attending the… more »

Picture of Marcus Clark

Marcus Clark

Marcus Clark was born and raised in the London Borough of Ealing, the home of the iconic Ealing Studios. After graduating from the University of Sheffield with a BA in History and Politics it was only logical that he should gravitate toward film.

His favourite directors include Martin Scorsese, Terrance… more »

Picture of Marianna Hunt

Marianna Hunt

Marianna is a language enthusiast, Oxford University student, Bake Off fanatic, and general sucker for a pun. Catch her in cafés reading Pushkin and sipping on chai lattes, in the kitchen armed with a spatula, on the dance floor getting her groove on to traditional Russian folk tunes, or precariously… more »

Picture of Mariella Hudson

Mariella Hudson

Mariella is an Irish-Peruvian, a Londoner, and a dedicated traveller whose recent adventures include Moldova, Egypt and Japan. An English and History graduate of the New College of the Humanities (where she founded the Writing Society), she is now working on her creative writing while editing professionally and planning further… more »

Picture of Mariya Bondareva

Mariya Bondareva

Born and raised in Ukraine, this year Mariya moved to London to study her MA Public Relations in UAL University. Everything related to culture and fashion can be find in her blog ‘Mariya Bondareva Does It’ and everything elaborately discovered in the great city of London she shares here.

Picture of Mary Jane Dempsey

Mary Jane Dempsey

What do Frank Sinatra and I have in common? We are both from New Jersey. While the Garden State is beautiful, I love exploring and traveling to new places During my undergraduate career, I studied in both Siena and Bologna. After completing my BA in History and International Relations at… more »

Picture of Maya Black

Maya Black

Maya is a recent language graduate with a big love of food and travel. She works as a chef, has volunteered with two ‘food-waste’ charities and writes about her culinary experiences. She speaks French, is learning Spanish and plans to tackle German and maybe Arabic next! She loves trying new… more »

Picture of Megan Downing

Megan Downing

Megan is currently working for MTV UK as a Digital Media Intern. She is a keen arts journalist with experience primarily in music and theatre. She loves live music and this is where her passion for journalism began; there’s nothing quite like heading to a live show or festival and… more »

Picture of Melanie Erspamer

Melanie Erspamer

Melanie Erspamer is a student of English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Half Italian and Half American (from near Boston), two of her reigning passions in life are travelling and eating. She is happy to be able to share those passions and her love for writing on… more »

Picture of Melissa Pearce

Melissa Pearce

Melissa is a writer and editor from Hertfordshire. She has a degree in art history from the University of Leeds, and has lived and worked for several years in Australia. During this time she realised a passion for the country’s arts and culture scene and upon arriving home, she combined… more »

Picture of Nadine White

Nadine White

Nadine White is an undergraduate English Literature student. She is also a LAMDA trained, an award-nominated Journalist and Content Creator who has dedicated the last five years to carving her career, contributing to popular National, International & Online news platforms. Nadine is particularly passionate about Entertainment, Lifestyle and Culture; when… more »

Picture of Nalomi Kilumanga

Nalomi Kilumanga

After what some people would describe as a pivotal moment, Nalomi has delved head first into the field of journalism. He is pursuing a career as a writer, focusing articles and subject topics that have caught his interest!

Picture of Nell Lewis

Nell Lewis

Nell was born and raised between a farm in Essex and North London. For university she escaped the south and spent three years in Durham studying Ancient History, and discovering the north of England. She is a keen explorer: from working and backpacking in South America, to scouting classical ruins… more »

Picture of Niall McGrade

Niall McGrade

A freelance writer and student, Niall grew up in rural Co Tyrone and has since relocated to Belfast to study. Undertaking a BA in English and Creative Writing, he hangs around the library and the Seamus Heaney Centre For Poetry even when he doesn’t strictly need to. His work has… more »

Picture of Niamh Cassidy

Niamh Cassidy

Niamh is a former Oxford English Literature student and current PR and content writer based in East London. Her passions include eating her way around the city and then writing about it, but she also enjoys theatre, TV, books and vinyl.

Picture of Nina Ariana

Nina Ariana

Nina Ariana studies English Literature and History at The University of Edinburgh. In her free time, she enjoys travelling. Her favourite city is Barcelona, where she has worked as a receptionist in a hostel, and where she draws much of her inspiration for her writing.

Picture of Paula Koller-Alonso

Paula Koller-Alonso

Paula is a German and Spanish Dance student who will soon start her second degree in History and International Relations. More than anything, she loves travelling all over the world, and discovering the hidden cultures across the globe. Her passions include dance, art and football. She’s also quite the history… more »

Picture of Pratyusha Prakash

Pratyusha Prakash

Pat, as she is otherwise known, is currently studying for an MA Honours in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Her passions include poetry, travelling, wit, and cooking. She has a perfectionist’s attitude to coursework and essay-writing and wants to write hers as artistically and exquisitely as possible. She… more »

Picture of Prema Chablani

Prema Chablani

Born and raised in a small town in Japan with an Indian and Spanish background, Prema is now in her final year of an English Literature degree at the University of Edinburgh. With her parents both being ex-magazine writers, Prema developed a passion for reading and writing at an early… more »

Picture of Queenie Shaikh

Queenie Shaikh

Desk bound by day and travel bound all other times, Queenie entered the world of journalism with full force after moving to London. An aspiring travel-journalist, her wanderlust has taken her to 53 countries as she captures moments and pens down her experiences. Apart from being wander-woman, she’s usually found… more »

Picture of Rachel Peat

Rachel Peat

Rachel works full-time at one of London’s largest decorative arts collections. Following a BA in History from the University of Cambridge, she also recently completed a MA in World History & Cultures. She loves museums, and makes ice-cream by the freezer-full.

Picture of Rajesh Punj

Rajesh Punj

Rajesh Punj, art critic, correspondent, curator and collector; holds history of art and curating degrees from Warwick University and Goldsmith’s College respectively. He has a specialist interest in Asia and the Middle East, whilst also writing extensively on European and American contemporary art, photography and design; commissioned by international publications… more »

Picture of Rebecca Knight

Rebecca Knight

Rebecca Knight is 20-year old undergraduate currently studying History at the University of St. Andrews. When she’s not camped out in the library with her latest essay, she enjoys baking, reading and scouring the Internet for a new fashion trend to try out.

Picture of Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca is a Video Edit Assistant living in Manchester and writes in her spare time. With a degree in Drama and Screen Studies from The University of Manchester, she loves films more than life particularly the works of the Coen Bros and travel inspiring movies. She runs the film and… more »

Picture of Rebecca Steel

Rebecca Steel

Rebecca Steel is a freelance writer who has lived in London since 2008. Enthralled by the capital’s visual arts scene, she has written many reviews of its diverse exhibitions and lesser-known visitor attractions. Her interest in art began at a young age, inspired by her mother, a Slade-trained printmaker (Joan… more »

Picture of Rebecca Wilkinson

Rebecca Wilkinson

From her first ever trip to Spain at 10 years old, Rebecca became obsessed with Spanish. This passion for Spanish has since developed into a love for all things language and travel related and has inspired her dream of working for the Foreign Office. Now studying for a degree in… more »

Picture of Reece Choules

Reece Choules

Born on the outskirts of London, Reece Choules is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. His writing has appeared online in Inkapture, The Dying Goose, and Cigale magazines, as well as the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2014. Recently signed by Litro Magazines new agency Litro Represents he is currently working… more »

Picture of Robert Hugill

Robert Hugill

Robert Hugill is a London based composer, journalist, blogger and lecturer. Robert runs the highly regarded classical music blog, Planet Hugill, reviews for OperaToday.com and contributes articles to Classical Music. Robert gives his course An Introduction to Opera early next year. As a composer Robert’s setting of the Advent Prose… more »

Picture of Rory McInnes-Gibbons

Rory McInnes-Gibbons

Rory McInnes-Gibbons is a final year Classics student at Durham University, where he is now the Film and TV Editor of the student newspaper, Palatinate. Born in Gloucester, he can now be found in the World Wide Web at the film, TV and Stage blog https://rorymcinnesgibbons.wordpress.com and Music blog https://someonebangingonmydoor.wordpress.com… more »

Picture of Rosie Safaty

Rosie Safaty

Rosie is an English and Drama graduate from Loughborough University, who spends her time between England and Italy-enjoying the food of both! A huge lover of theatre, dance and literature she seeks magic and adventure in every place she visits.

Picture of Rowan Anderson

Rowan Anderson

Rowan Anderson is a 21 year old writer and student. Born in Inverness and raised all over the Highlands of Scotland, she escaped her tiny village on the banks of Loch Ness to study at the University of St Andrews. Currently, she has put her library-bound life on hold to… more »

Picture of Sabrina Raven

Sabrina Raven

Sabrina Raven, despite often found mulling over dusty books as a result of being a philosophy undergraduate, has been embarking on a prolific quest for meaningful experiences and lessons only the world around us can teach. Studying in London, she intends to fully exploit the city for all its cultural… more »

Picture of Sage Fitzpatrick

Sage Fitzpatrick

Sage is a journalism graduate from the University of Westminster, with a passion for all things travel. When she’s not jet setting around the world she tries to spend as much time as possible reading, writing and drinking tea.

Picture of Salwa Chamsi-Pasha

Salwa Chamsi-Pasha

Salwa Chamsi-Pasha is an entrepreneur, writer, and event stylist as well as a neurosciences & psychology graduate. Her Syrian heritage and European upbringing have fused together to create a unique and vivacious personality. Curious by nature, her passions include travelling the world and discovering its wonders.

Picture of Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans

Samantha Emily Evans is a student at the University of St. Andrews studying English and History. She loves writing, cafes, and bookstores. She goes by the Literary Pixie sometimes when she feels like it.

Picture of Samuel Spencer

Samuel Spencer

Samuel is a London-based freelance writer who studied English Literature at King’s College London. In his work, he combines highbrow and lowbrow culture, which has seen him writing about everything from Michelangelo to Madonna (and sometimes both at the same time) for publications including NME, The Telegraph and Penguin Books… more »

Picture of Sara Koller Alonso

Sara Koller Alonso

Sara is originally from Munich with German and Spanish roots. She is a Media and Communication graduate with a passion for world cinema. She will soon start her Master in International Film Business at the London Film School to fulfil her dream of working for the independent film market.

Picture of Sara Prim

Sara Prim

Born in a small town next to Barcelona, Sara Prim has always been attracted by big cities and their diversity. She finds in audiovisual content both the best language to express what she is interested in and the most vibrant tool to portray whatever she finds on the way. She… more »

Picture of Shambhavi Pai

Shambhavi Pai

Sambi is a freelance writer, who moved to London just last year. She loves anything to do with food and travel, and has recently discovered her love for cooking. You can read about her travels and life journeys on her blog.

Picture of Shay Waterworth

Shay Waterworth

Shay is an award winning journalism graduate currently working for the Daily Express and Star newspapers. He writes for The Culture Trip in his free time covering anything form photography festivals to riverside pubs. Shay plays rugby for Richmond FC and his dream is to become a leading science writer… more »

Picture of Shelton Lindsay

Shelton Lindsay

Somewhere in the rural woods of New York a decade ago, if you parted the vines and looked through the leaves you might have spied a young boy pretending to be a wizard. Harry Potter had just come out, and being overly infatuated with it, Shelton Lindsay resolved somewhere between… more »

Picture of Sonia Cuesta

Sonia Cuesta

Sonia currently studies Modern Languages at Oxford University. She has a very international background and hopes to one day find a job that allows her to travel, which is her greatest passion. She aims to visit all the continents - including Antarctica - and go to every single country in… more »

Picture of Sophia White

Sophia White

Sophia [So-pheye-ah not So-phee-ya] is a freelance writer, researcher and video producer. She was born in London, grew up in Kent and has spent the last five years living in and around Manchester. She completed an MA in History at the University of Manchester, specialising in consumer culture, shopping spaces… more »

Picture of Sophie Fenella Robins

Sophie Fenella Robins

Sophie is a writer and performance artist originally from London, currently living in Berlin. She likes watching, performing and reading poetry, discovering new artists and pretty much everything about theatre.

Sophie is the Berlin hub’s Theater Editor.

Picture of Sophie Foot

Sophie Foot

Born and raised in Hampshire, Sophie moved to London after graduating from York University in 2012. A keen cook with a big appetite, she loves cooking, skiing, reading, avocados, red wine, and her one eyed dog. A sporadic tweeter and prolific Instagrammer, follow her for food porn, London lusting and… more »

Picture of Sophie Hannah Davis

Sophie Hannah Davis

Sophie Davis is an International Relations graduate, budding editorial writer and traveller. To see more of her writing and travel insights check out her travel and lifestyle blog Sophie’s Suitcase and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Picture of Stephanie Butler

Stephanie Butler

Raised in between Bristol and Bath, Stephanie is an English Literature graduate who loves backpacking around the world and discovering how different cultures live - and eat. When she’s not planning her next trip, she can be found reading poetry, visiting galleries, scribbling down ideas or sipping on a glass… more »

Picture of Talim Arab

Talim Arab

Talim Arab was born in London and grew up in Australia. He studied English Literature and Chinese at the University of Queensland. His poetry was Highly Commended by the 2006 Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Award for an Unpublished Manuscript and received third place in the 2001 Arts Queensland Val Vallis… more »

Picture of Talitha Duncan-Todd

Talitha Duncan-Todd

Talitha is currently an undergraduate student at Queen’s University Belfast studying English Language and Literature. Her main interests include drinking tea, playing and watching tennis; also, a big fan on eating and the outdoors. Exercise is part of her life even if it is a walk in the park. She… more »

Picture of Tamsin Nicholson

Tamsin Nicholson

Tamsin Nicholson is currently studying Art History in Glasgow. With the Royal Naval Reserves, she sails to off-the-beaten track costal locations. Her keen interest in art and culture has taken her through Europe by train and across the Atlantic. Find her doing tours of Glasgow Cathedral.

Picture of Tara Heuze

Tara Heuze

Tara Heuze is a 20-year-old undergraduate living in Sunny Albion. She loves Asian cooking, reading plays, and trying to decipher inscriptions in crazy languages. Usually found panicking over some form of essay or translation crisis, she also tries to keep up a (sporadic) blog.

Picture of Toni Marie Ford

Toni Marie Ford

Toni Marie Ford is a freelance travel blogger and writer, cinema lover and slow travel enthusiast from the UK who has been enjoying a nomadic lifestyle since early 2014. Visit her blog, www.worldandshe.com, or follow her on twitter @thentonisaid or instagram @tonimarieford

Picture of Trudie Carter

Trudie Carter

Trudie graduated from UCA with a degree in Fashion Journalism and currently works as a Social Media & Production Assistant at Dezeen, a design and architecture magazine. When she’s not freelancing for The Culture Trip and Art Zine PETRIe, you can find her exploring London’s galleries, restaurants and jazz cafes… more »

Picture of Vicky Jessop

Vicky Jessop

Vicky is an English Literature student at Durham University, whose passion for travel has often inspired her writing. Her experience of living in Wales, with its deep-rooted heritage and traditions, inspired her love for arts and culture, and today she is most likely found either exploring cathedrals or planning travel… more »

Picture of Vincent JS Wood

Vincent JS Wood

A graduate in Creative Writing, from the University of Greenwich, London, Vincent has since gone on to become an avid and award-winning short story writer, having several of his pieces published both online and in print. Part of his course involved literary theory of which he took a particular interest… more »

Picture of Vy Tran

Vy Tran

Originally from Hanoi, Vy is currently completing a joint honours degree at Oxford Brookes University. She chose to study History of Art combined with Film Studies as it matched her keen interest in visual cultures. In addition to art and film, cooking and traveling are her greatest passions in life… more »

Picture of Vy Tran

Vy Tran

Originally from Hanoi, Vy is currently completing a joint honours degree at Oxford Brookes University. She chose to study History of Art combined with Film Studies as it matched her keen interest in visual cultures. In addition to art and film, cooking and traveling are her greatest passions in life… more »

Picture of Yasser Kayani

Yasser Kayani

Yasser is a comedian, writer and actor who studied clowning and physical theatre at National Centre for Circus Arts, City Academy and LISPA. He performs widely as a stand-up comic and as a character comedian in sketch groups Monkey Wedding and Chaos Theory where he completed two sell-out Camden Fringe… more »