Picture of Danna Lorch

Danna Lorch

Danna Lorch is a Dubai-based freelance writer and editor. She blogs about Middle Eastern art and pop culture at DannaWrites.com and obsessively covers the flourishing gallery scene in the United Arab Emirates, particularly the industrial arts district of Al Quoz in Dubai. Her work has recently appeared in Open Skies… more »

Picture of Gabriele Shacknai

Gabriele Shacknai

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Gabby now studies English Literature and History at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Having grown up in a diverse, multi-cultural family, she long had an insatiable appetite for travel and exploration and, as a result, has spent her holidays and weekends travelling around… more »

Picture of Sarah Zakzouk

Sarah Zakzouk

Sarah Zakzouk has bases in Dubai, London and Saudi Arabia. She has worked in various fields of publishing, including academia, fashion and now sports. Falling between two cultures, Sarah is an Egyptian/English hybrid. Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, and later travelling the world with a backpack, she thrives off… more »