Picture of Asligul Armagan

Asligul Armagan

Born and raised in Turkey, Asligul recently earned her History and Classics degree from Durham University and set off on the exciting game of life. A pseudo-third culture kid, Asligul is a notorious bookworm and researcher, budding amateur photographer, opinionated writer, YouTube buff, social media guru, and all-round comedian. In… more »

Picture of Deren Erelçin

Deren Erelçin

Born in Istanbul, Deren Erelçin developed a passion for the arts from an early age. She went to the Austrian High School in Istanbul where she took dance, drama and piano classes for 8 years. At university, she studied Sociology whilst also learning Argentine Tango and Salsa. London was her… more »

Picture of Erdinch Yigitçe

Erdinch Yigitçe

Erdinch Yigitçe is a London-born Turkish-Cypriot Literature graduate, writer and culture vulture. His personal interests include the works of Cormac McCarthy, modern American Fiction, Prince, criticism and The Third Man. He also loves European cinema and the films of David Lynch, Dario Argento and Joon-ho Bong.

Picture of Şerif Yenen

Şerif Yenen

Şerif Yenen is a travel specialist, tour guide, travel writer, film-maker, international keynote speaker and lecturer. He wrote Turkish Odyssey in English, the ‘first guidebook of Turkey ever written by a Turk’. Yenen gives lectures about travel and Turkish history and culture, the majority of which are in academic communities.His… more »