Picture of Costanza Beltrami

Costanza Beltrami

Born in a small village on the Italian Lake Orta, Costanza moved to London to study History of Art at the Courtauld Institute. Still overwhelmed by the crowds and sights of the big city, she sources the best of its art for the student magazine The Smoke, for which she… more »

Picture of Elisabetta Rizzato

Elisabetta Rizzato

Elisabetta Rizzato is an Italian architect and interior designer, and blogger on her own website ItalianBark. She is passionate about both design and travel, and uses every spare moment to explore new places and visit trade fairs in order to discover new designs, unique concepts, innovative projects and good art… more »

Picture of Enrichetta Frezzato

Enrichetta Frezzato

Enrichetta Frezzato was born in a tiny village in the province of Vicenza, Italy, less than one hour’s drive from Verona and Venice. Rallied across Europe on the back seat of her parents’ car since a young age, she enjoyed pulling faces at stewards on her very first flight and… more »

Picture of Graziano Scaldaferri

Graziano Scaldaferri

Graziano Scaldaferri was born in a small town 150 km away south of Naples, and always enjoyed all that being born in southern Italy entails: the great climate and the even better food. He completed his studies in Communication Sciences in Naples, but with only his final dissertation to go… more »

Picture of Livia Hengel

Livia Hengel

Livia Hengel is an Italian-American writer, photographer and traveler with a penchant for la dolce vita and a severe case of wanderlust. Originally born in Rome, she spent her life living around the world in Peru, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and the US before moving back to her city… more »

Picture of Luca Pinelli

Luca Pinelli

Luca is an Italian studying medieval and modern languages in England with a passion for food, art, and nature. He loves reading, writing, taking pictures and learning new things - and he always tries to advertize his city with poor results. Traveling is something Luca cannot do without, although he… more »

Picture of Marinel Valentini

Marinel Valentini

With a mixed European-Asian heritage, Marinel Valentini grew up with a strong appreciation of the cultures of both Italy and the Philippines, her father and mother’s native countries respectively. She graduated from Milan’s Università Cattolica with a BA in Economics and Management of the Cultural Arts and the Entertainment and… more »

Picture of Nabila Khouri

Nabila Khouri

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica to a Colombian-Italian mother and a Jamaican father, I was always exposed to a myriad of cultures and languages as a child. My parents love to travel and passed their sense of wanderlust onto me and my brothers. I went to the University of… more »

Picture of Oreste Giorgio Spinelli

Oreste Giorgio Spinelli

Born and raised in sunny Naples, Oreste has always been an avid reader and film enthusiast. Even though as a child he travelled all over Europe with his parents it was only during his first solo intercontinental trip that he discovered the depth of passion for travel and foreign cultures… more »