Picture of Ana Harmon

Ana Harmon

Born and bred in Boston, Ana has always been a culture-vulture. After dancing for professional dance companies for seven years, both in the US and Israel, she has substituted her pointe shoes for a pen. A recent graduate from Tel Aviv University’s Liberal Arts program, Ana is interested in combining… more »

Picture of Arden Rubens

Arden Rubens

Arden Rubens is a Miami-native fashion blogger, digital marketer, foodie, dreamer, traveler and coffee lover. Currently living in Tel Aviv, where she can often be found enjoying the city’s multi-faceted design, vibrant culture and famed eateries. Combining this with her passion for writing, she aims to give you the lowdown… more »

Picture of Brooke Yalof

Brooke Yalof

Brooke Yalof is currently a junior at Northwestern University, studying journalism and design. She grew up in New York City and loves to spend weekends reading in Central Park and at local cafés. Her interests include photography, travel and yoga.

Picture of Dara Liberman

Dara Liberman

Dara, is a native Brazilian living in Tel Aviv and is passionate about traveling. She studied visual art and architecture, but loves writing and photography. You can follow her on Instagram, @daraliberman

Picture of Deborah Moher

Deborah Moher

A die hard Tel Aviv resident, Deborah is originally a Londoner, by way of New York City. Fascinated with sociology and psychology, Deborah has a Bachelors in Health and Social Welfare, but her eclectic interests include studying Fashion Journalism in Central St Martins in London and Photography in Tel Aviv… more »

Picture of Eliana Rudee

Eliana Rudee

Eliana Rudee is a fellow with the Salomon Center for American Jewish Thought and the author of the new “Aliyah Annotated” column for JNS.org. She is a graduate of Scripps College, where she studied International Relations and Jewish Studies. She was published in USA Today and Forbes after writing about… more »

Picture of Emily Turk

Emily Turk

Emily Turk was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and is currently studying at the Western University of Ontario in the Media, Information and Technoculture program. Emily is a self-proclaimed food lover and has a strong passion for cultural cuisines. Her profound interest in food and travel lead her to… more »

Picture of Esther Roiter

Esther Roiter

Esther Roiter, a second-generation child, is an eclectic writer with a range of many different topics written on. Some examples are “We Were Parents Unto Our Parents”, “Slabodka” and “A History of Nachlaot”. She lived in New York, travelled far and wide and made Aliyah to Israel with her two… more »

Picture of Gavriel Weinberger

Gavriel Weinberger

Gavriel hails from the holy city of Jerusalem to American parents from the other holy city of Brooklyn, NY. His art background started early in High School and then continued on to a B.A in photography and media. He currently resides in Jaffa and enjoys travel, video and people of… more »

Picture of Hilla Ofman

Hilla Ofman

Hilla Ofman is a 22-year-old student for visual communications at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. She is originally from Rockville, Maryland but moved to Israel 8 years ago. Last year she hosted a radio show, SingIL, which was broadcasted to an international audience. She has been to 20 countries worldwide… more »

Picture of Ilyssa Schwartz

Ilyssa Schwartz

Ilyssa Schwartz is a 21 year old English and Communications student born and raised in New York City. Currently, she is living and studying in her favorite country, Israel, in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. She enjoys adventures, trying new food, learning and exploring and looks forward to sharing… more »

Picture of Inbal Drue

Inbal Drue

Inbal was born in Israel, has lived in several places and is currently based in Ramat Gan. She’s a visual artist and a writer, living between the second and third dimensions. Nowadays she’s an art teacher and living the dream to use her verbal passion in order to express her… more »

Picture of Jael Ancker

Jael Ancker

Jael Ancker is from Finland and has settled in Tel Aviv after having lived in Venezuela and the USA for a few years. She actively writes a popular food blog, and a travel blog about Tel Aviv. Jael is a foodie who loves the Tel Aviv food scene, as well… more »

Picture of Jess Fried

Jess Fried

Jess, resides in Toronto, Canada and has been to Israel 3 times. She keeps coming back because of her passion for Israeli culture. She is currently studying media and journalism, with a passion for travelling and writing about her travels.

Picture of Jessica Moszynski

Jessica Moszynski

Jessica, a Belgian art director and graphic designer, is passionate about art and fashion. Every day, she discovers a new secret of Tel Aviv - and can’t wait to tell you about it!

Picture of Jordana Hoffman

Jordana Hoffman

Jordana is a world traveler, with her eyes filled with wanderlust and her heart filled with the written word. Since she learned to read she has been devouring books and dreaming of the day when people would read her words. For now she winds her way through the streets of… more »

Picture of Julia Purcell

Julia Purcell

Julia Purcell lives and works in Tel Aviv. She studied economics and feminist studies at Stanford University and wants to talk to you about coffee from her hometown of Seattle, WA.

Picture of Kapilkumar Ingle

Kapilkumar Ingle

Kapilkumar Ingle is researcher cum writer and blogger in the field of environmental sciences and journalism. He loves to travel in nature, feel the various cultures and share those memories with others. He is interested in photography, documentary making for environmental awareness. In addition he likes to learn and cook… more »

Picture of Kira Bloom

Kira Bloom

Born and raised in Texas, Kira has been living in Tel Aviv for the last two years. Working in the high-tech industry but with a degree in psychology, Kira enjoys experiencing new cultures. Check out her blog documenting American vs. Israeli culture.

Picture of Leor Farkas

Leor Farkas

Leor Farkas is a native New Yorker currently residing in Tel Aviv. After finishing her B.A. in English literature and philosophy at Sarah Lawrence College, she moved to Israel, where she started her new journey picking avocados in a beautiful northern kibbutz. She recently finished her service in the Israeli… more »

Picture of Liran Daniel

Liran Daniel

Liran Daniel, a sabra, was born and raised in Tel Aviv. She lives and breathes its culture, music, fashion and stylish vibes. Liran is passionate about sharing her love for all the goodies Tel Aviv has to offer.

Picture of Lotte Beilin

Lotte Beilin

Lotte was born and brought up in the city of London, but is now wandering the streets of Tel Aviv. Journalism is a passion and dream.

Picture of Lucy Oleinik

Lucy Oleinik

Lucy Oleynik is a graduate of Middle Eastern Studies who teaches Arabic and Hebrew to beginners. She is a polyglot with a passion for Middle Eastern music, fashion and cuisine. You can check out her blog.

Picture of Lucy Oleinik

Lucy Oleinik

Lucy Oleynik is a graduate of Middle Eastern Studies who teaches Arabic and Hebrew to beginners. She is a polyglot with a passion for Middle Eastern music, fashion and cuisine. You can check out her blog.

Picture of Maria Shchelkunova

Maria Shchelkunova

Maria is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She came to Tel Aviv in 2009 for the first time and fell in love with the city from the first glance. After four years, Maria moved to Israel as an engineer student at Tel Aviv University and is not going to leave… more »

Picture of Mona Mizi

Mona Mizi

Mona hails from Brisbane, Australia but is currently living in Rishon LeZion teaching English and eating copious amounts of hummus. Mona’s two passions in life are food and travel (preferably at the same time) and she writes about those two things on her blog. You can also follow her adventures… more »

Picture of Naomi Lubash

Naomi Lubash

Naomi Lubash is a second year Art History and Italian Studies student at NYU and is currently spending a year in Florence, following her love for Renaissance painting. She comes home to Tel Aviv, and is very much interested in the contemporary art scene, she herself paints whenever she gets… more »

Picture of Noam Baruch

Noam Baruch

Noam will be completing her B.A. with a focus in psychology and communications at Tel Aviv University this spring. Born in Tel Aviv and raised in San Francisco, she has developed a deep fascination for cross-cultural communications and multiculturalism. She loves to expand her musical palate, swim, bike and discover… more »

Picture of Pablo Markin

Pablo Markin

In addition to his more academic involvements, Pablo Markin is a globe-trotting flâneurwith a keen interest in Tel Aviv’s and, more broadly, Israel’s cultural scene and urban spaces. His Instagram impressions, blog articles and exhibition reviews can be followed on Twitter @pbmarkin.

Picture of Peter Mann

Peter Mann

Peter is a Montrealer and wanna-be Tel-Avivian, who enjoys visiting Tel Aviv as often as possible. He has spent countless hours exploring the streets of the city, camera in hand. He is also a student of the history of the state of Israel, as a Holocaust educator and collector of… more »

Picture of Pia Staigmueller

Pia Staigmueller

Pia loves different cultures, languages and people and is always looking for new places to discover, to explore and to photograph. Originally from Germany, she currently resides in northern Italy. With her gypsy soul combined with her passion for traveling, she asks herself if she will ever settle down.

Picture of Rachel Kaufman

Rachel Kaufman

Rachel Kaufman is originally from Rhode Island, the smallest state in the northeast of the US. She is a university student at Tel Aviv University. Rachel enjoys her outings in Tel Aviv, now that the weather is starting to become more like spring! She likes to blog about her travels… more »

Picture of Rachel Myerson

Rachel Myerson

After completing a BA in English Literature in the UK, Rachel wed a South American and moved to Israel. The eclectic mix of literature, food and music found in these three cultures are a continuing source of inspiration and excitement for her.

Picture of Rebecca Attar

Rebecca Attar

A former teacher, Rebecca Attar sees writing about her experiences as another form of communicating her ideas with others. In seeking a place that resembles her native, bustling London but comes with added beach, heat and dynamism, she has settled in Tel Aviv. She is enjoying immersing herself in the… more »

Picture of Ruth Nieman

Ruth Nieman

Ruth Nieman, a passionate foodie, spends her time between Israel and London, writing, photographing and eating great Middle Eastern cuisine.Inspired from working in the kitchens of Kibbutz Amiad, in northern Israel over 30 years ago, Ruth returned to London to complete a Diploma in Food and Wine at Leiths Cookery… more »

Picture of Ruthie Berber

Ruthie Berber

Ruthie Berber was born in New York City, raised in London and lives in Tel Aviv; she is an urban creature, fascinated by different cultures, considers herself an international citizen and profoundly believes in travelling and discovering as much of the world as possible. Ruthie is a self-proclaimed foodie, lover… more »

Picture of Salomé Chemla

Salomé Chemla

Salomé is a second year communications student at IDC, majoring in marketing. She is passionate about food, music, and art. Apart from that Salomé enjoys running, exploring and traveling the world, which is why she would love to share her view of Tel Aviv with others.

Picture of Sanjay Shukla

Sanjay Shukla

Sanjay is a journalist cum writer and blogger that has worked for leading newspapers and news channels in India for many years. Currently, Sanjay is pursuing a specialization in international political communication at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Picture of Serena Carsley-Mann

Serena Carsley-Mann

Serena Carsley-Mann is a recent graduate of Tel Aviv University. She is an avid runner, loves the beach and outdoors and embraces a holistic lifestyle. She is originally from Montreal, Canada and has been living in Tel Aviv for four years.

Picture of Sharon Brand

Sharon Brand

Originally from Montreal, Sharon Brand is now studying Communications in Israel. A Passionated blogger who travelled a bit everywhere, draws cartoons and writes articles about her adventures and thoughts.

Picture of Sigal Stark

Sigal Stark

Sigal was born and raised in Israel, has lived in S. Florida and New York City, and currently resides in Tel Aviv. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Digital Communications and Psychology from Tel Aviv University, which aligns with her fascination with social media. Sigal can often be found integrating… more »

Picture of Simona Kogan

Simona Kogan

Simona Kogan has been writing about international fashion, culture, celebs, and Jewish life for over 10 years. Originally from New Jersey, she started one of the first English language Israeli fashion blogs in 2009 and continues to follow the style and culture scene in Tel Aviv.

Picture of Spencer Ho

Spencer Ho

Spencer has been living all over Israel for the past 5 years and currently manages iTravelJerusalem.com and iTravelTelAviv.com, where he rules over English content with an iron fist. You catch his updates on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and occasional random musings on Twitter – @iTravelTelAviv or @GoodFormOldMan – or on Facebook.

Picture of Stefanie Amini

Stefanie Amini

Stefanie is a an undercover tech geek and a mainstream hipster with a love for fashion. She is a self confessed foodie with a special penchant for coffee. Her day job, a professional marketer and Start-up advisor/blogger, led her to found Women in Wireless Israel. Find her on Instagram, day… more »

Picture of Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar balances her two lives: a techie and a mom to a 2-year-old, a cat and a dog. Yael has recently become vegan, taught herself to cook healthy foods and is now creating new kinds of natural superfoods available on her site Pure Standard. Yael has experimented with a… more »

Picture of Yehudah Jacobs

Yehudah Jacobs

Yehudah Jacobs is a 29 year old food fanatic who is in digital marketing. Trained as a classical chef, and a renowned carnivore. Made the change from the kitchen to the digital world, so he find trendy places to write about and share his recipes. You can find him traveling… more »

Picture of Zev Brodsky

Zev Brodsky

Zev hails from Seattle, Washington but has called Tel Aviv his home for the past 8 years. Zev’s day job is working as a Social Media Manager, but his passion is for culinary experiences in Tel Aviv, and he writes his own blog reviewing the best ‘budget’ restaurants in Israel… more »

Picture of Zo Flamenbaum

Zo Flamenbaum

Based in the startup city of Tel Aviv, Zo is a hippie entrepreneur who is professionally passionate about creative writing, social good, and chocolate croissants. By day, she works as a consultant, and by heart, she founded School of Shine a movement for spirited women who aspire to love, laugh… more »