Picture of Anahit Behrooz

Anahit Behrooz

Born in North London to Iranian parents, Anahit’s life has always been filled with a diverse mixture of cultures and places. She studied languages and literature at the University of Oxford and the University of St Andrews, and has interned in French museums, taught in Germany and travelled throughout Europe… more »

Picture of Manzar Samii

Manzar Samii

Having been raised somewhere between Iran and the United States, Manzar has pursued cultural studies through the streets of Tehran, Santa Fe, Rome, Istanbul, Vancouver and Udaipur. Having finished her Master’s in Gender, Media and Culture at the London School of Economics, she is equipped with a keen eye for… more »

Picture of Shaahin Pishbin

Shaahin Pishbin

Shaahin was born in southeast England, and has mixed British and Iranian heritage. Spending many childhood summers in Tehran visiting family, he developed the outlook (and neuroses) of cultural comparatist from a young age - traits that have informed the trajectory of his adult life. Reading European and Middle Eastern… more »