Picture of Ankita Huria Siddiqui

Ankita Huria Siddiqui

Ankita lives in India, a beautiful country. Loves all the good things in life and being part of the global community. Writing is a learning process and she is currently exploring its different shades. You can connect with her on Google plus and Twitter.

Picture of Aritra Chakrabarty

Aritra Chakrabarty

Aritra is an economics professional by day and explorer by evening. He takes keen interest in unearthing stories around. As a traveller in Mumbai, Aritra tries to pen down the many hidden stories of men, their lives and emotions. He runs a blog, which is a story space, where day-to-day… more »

Picture of Gaurav Lele

Gaurav Lele

Gaurav is a Software Programmer by Profession and an Aspiring Writer, a Wildlife Enthusiast, a History and Politics Buff and a Travel-loving Foodie by passion. A quintessential science geek, he loves to read any and everything (from Fiction to Politics ) that comes in-front of him. He harbors the banal… more »

Picture of Gayatri Sapru

Gayatri Sapru

As Director Of Culture for Culture Trip’s first Indian hub, Gayatri’s job and passion overlap to a great extent. She completed her undergrad at St.Xavier’s in Mumbai with an English Lit (hons) degree, while also writing papers in religious studies, anthropology, Pscychology, Law and Human rights. She then went up… more »

Picture of Jonaki Mehta

Jonaki Mehta

Born in India, Jonaki has lived in California since a young age and has been on the move since. She recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Art History, and spent much of her time hosting an arts and culture radio show in… more »

Picture of Kriti Bajaj

Kriti Bajaj

Kriti is a writer and editor based in New Delhi. She has lived in India and London, and travelled in Europe and Southeast Asia. Her academic background is in literature and anthropology, and she has experience in writing, editing and online publishing primarily related to arts and culture. She is… more »

Picture of Mehak Siddiqui

Mehak Siddiqui

Obsessive reader and compulsive writer, Mehak loves to travel, whether it’s through places, books, art or film. Growing up in Kenya and living briefly in Canada sparked her interest in the intersections and overlaps between global cultures. She is currently based in India and working on her first novel. She… more »

Picture of Parampara Patil Hashmi

Parampara Patil Hashmi

On a look out for new stories and experiences, Parampara spends her time watching movies, exploring places and cultures and traveling to newer destinations. She blogs about her experiences and films them too, hence, she is also called Cinemawaali. Follow her on her Twitter @cinemawaali to know more about her… more »

Picture of Prabuddha Jagdeb

Prabuddha Jagdeb

Prabuddha dons many hats….thinker, writer, photographer, traveler, foodie and keeps shuttling between the great cities of the sub-continent in search of work, friends or meaning to life; or all three together. He has studied International Relations but works for an international travel firm. Aspires to become full-time writer sooner or… more »

Picture of Pratiek Sparsh Samantara

Pratiek Sparsh Samantara

Pratiek Sparsh Samantara is currently studying Law at NALSAR, Hyderabad, in India. He loves to write and has a passion for travel. In fact, he took on writing after his parents encouraged him from a young age to keep a record of his travel memories.

Pratiek’s favourite authors include Gerald… more »

Picture of Purba Mazumdar

Purba Mazumdar

Growing up in India, Purba’s travel enthusiast parents fueled her love for discovering new destinations and cultures. Now she and her husband team up to keep their life-long exploration dreams alive. She has lived in India, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, USA, and has traveled to 14 countries across 5 continents… more »

Picture of Rajan Luthra

Rajan Luthra

Rajan studies semiotics and cultures to market and build brands for a living, while he pens prose and poetry and paints over a lazy Saturday for a life. A theatre enthusiast, he’s been active on the stage.

Picture of Ritu Poojari

Ritu Poojari

Ritu is fascinated by the passionate relationship between life and design,which affects everything she sees, touches or marvels at. A third year Fashion Communication student at NIFT, Ritu is passionate about illustrations and loves the grace and twists of the human body and its motifs. At this moment she hopes… more »

Picture of Rohan Moorthy

Rohan Moorthy

Rohan Moorthy is a Rock and Heavy Metal freak, who is fanatically obsessed about the bands he listens to, while also keeping an open mind (and ear) for newer groups. Equal to his excitement for music, is his wild drive to explore the Great Outdoors, Ancient History and the realms… more »

Picture of Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

Samarpita is an Economist by education and a journalist by profession with more than a decade of experience. Having taken a sabbatical from main stream journalism, she now freelances as a writer and an editor. A hardcore social media person, she is a workaholic and loves everything creative.

Picture of Sangita Sinha

Sangita Sinha

She loves to travel and explore history, culture and heritage. She has lived in six Indian cities apart from US and UK and have travelled in India and Europe. Florence and London are her favorite cities apart from Mumbai.

Picture of Shashank Sawant

Shashank Sawant

Shashank writes about history, travel & historical travels. An engineer and an industrial designer, he keenly follows the Universes of Tolkien, Rowling & Lucas. He finds his solace in books and the Sahyadris.

Picture of Shreyas Kulkarni

Shreyas Kulkarni

Shreyas Kulkarni has a BA where he studied History, Political Science and Economics. He holds an interest in writing and the use of game theory to develop a better and just world. Why write for The Culture Trip? It’s a great place to read and write about the simple and… more »

Picture of Shubham Mansingka

Shubham Mansingka

Shubham Mansingka is a solo traveller and travel blogger with an avid interest in photography, culture, trekking & food. He prefers slow travel rather than ticking places off a list. He finds solace in the mountains and loves listening to stories of villagers and explores offbeat, unknown places and hopes… more »

Picture of Sucheta J. Thakur

Sucheta J. Thakur

A Talkative, Enthusiastic and Full of Life Girl, am an ex-Chartered Accountancy student, a Passionate and Award Winning Food Blogger and a Freelance PR Professional who thoroughly enjoys Writing, Traveling, Reading, Watching Movies, Socializing, and Spending Time with Family. Loyalty, Trustworthiness, Sincerity and Faithfulness are things I truly believe in… more »

Picture of Vidushi Trivedi

Vidushi Trivedi

A MICAn and an advertising professional, Vidushi is a listener, an observer, a thinker and a storyteller. New people and cultures interest her and she enjoys deriving fresh insights from these experiences. She loves writing and is also an avid reader. A foodie at heart and a travel lover, she… more »

Picture of Vrushali Prabhu

Vrushali Prabhu

Voracious reader and a compulsive writer. Lived and travelled in Europe and USA. In love with German culture and language. There’s still lots to explore in terms of food, travel and cultures-motto.