Picture of Anastasia-Areti Gavrili

Anastasia-Areti Gavrili

Born in Athens, Anastasia-Areti Gavrili opens her eyes, tries to see the world, travels, immerses herself in different cultures and volunteers to make a difference; she photographs and writes. Her story goes pretty much as follows: she completed communication and mass media studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of… more »

Picture of Eleni Vervenioti

Eleni Vervenioti

Eleni was born in Athens where she completed her studies in Philosophy and Literature. She has previously worked as a teacher and her passions are literature, photography and food. Writing for Culturetrip.com is a refreshing activity that involves all things she really loves.

Picture of Evangelos Tsirmpas

Evangelos Tsirmpas

Vagelis Tsirmpas is a 23-year-old Athens-born travel enthusiast who holds a BA in interpreting and a MA in translation. He studied in Corfu, the island of his heart, and uses foreign languages as a passport to different cultures. After traveling to various European countries, his next goal is a trip… more »

Picture of Maria Menegaki

Maria Menegaki

Maria Menegaki was born in Crete in 1991 and is an MA student of Social and Historical Anthropology at the University of the Aegean. She holds a BA in Geography and is constantly looking for ways to combine her academic interests with her passion for travelling and exploring. When she… more »

Picture of Maria Zouganeli

Maria Zouganeli

Born in Athens, Maro (as she’s known) has always been fascinated by the reporters featured in the films of the 60s. So, it was no surprise she decided to study Communication and Mass Media in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. When she was an Erasmus student in the… more »