Picture of Brienne Pierce

Brienne Pierce

Brienne Pierce is a twenty-something Berliner who feels awkward about writing about herself in the third person, but always seems to be doing it anyway– Rutgers Grad, poet warrior, bartender of poorly timed comedy, bonafide expat, french fry connoisseur, & neophyte adult. The kind of woman who hates the sound… more »

Picture of Claudia Claros

Claudia Claros

Claudia isn’t really from anywhere specific, but completed her studies in Philosophy and German in the UK and lives alternatively between Brussels, Berlin and Barcelona. After graduating and realizing that pursuing Philosophy in academia might actually distance her from reality, she is now trying to learn ‘real’ skills in order… more »

Picture of Elisa Settembre

Elisa Settembre

Elisa is a Berlin-based freelance writer, irrevocably fascinated by the authentic version of life in a big city. After graduating in Law at King’s College London, she decided to abandon the legal path and follow her true dreams. Having moved to Berlin, she has made it her personal mission to… more »

Picture of Eliza Marin

Eliza Marin

Travel is more than just an experience, is a continual process of education, self-discovery and exchange that leaves necessary marks. Opted for an alternative educational method that goes outside of mainstream culture and seeks to enrich every day learning through genuine exchange as a form of knowledge. Passionate for cooking… more »

Picture of Helena Bezerra

Helena Bezerra

With a passion for roaming and sampling as many new dishes as she can get her hands on, Helena is always up for adventure and going to new places. After graduating with a B.A in creative writing in 2013, she is currently based in Germany where she is as an… more »

Picture of Lena Blos

Lena Blos

Lena was born in rural Germany and showed a passion for philosophy and linguistics from an early age. Her journeys would lead her from being a trainee in a Greek diving centre to an English teacher in Thailand, to finally becoming a student of politics and languages at Royal Holloway… more »

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz

Lily Cichanowicz

Lily is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed social activist who recently moved to Berlin for love. You can find out more about her work at lilycichanowicz.com or via Twitter @liliaceaeflora.

Picture of Mary Katharine Tramontana

Mary Katharine Tramontana

Mary Katharine Tramontana is a Berlin-based journalist specializing in art, culture, feminist sexual politics, gender, LGBTQ issues, and essays at The Guardian, CityLab, VICE, i-D, Dazed, Bitch, The New Inquiry, and more.