Picture of Ana Stambolic

Ana Stambolic

Born and raised in Serbia, Ana learned how to fight for her dreams. After finishing a Master studies in Technical Science, she received an award and her science project “Advertise in the old Serbian press” was published. In 2015, she followed her heart and started a new life in Brussels… more »

Picture of Andrea Gabellone

Andrea Gabellone

Andrea Gabellone was born in Pisa, Italy, and has lived in Brussels, Belgium, since 2010. Gabellone is currently working toward his undergraduate degree in business at Vesalius College. He is a member of the association of certified public accountants (AICPA) and of the institute of Belgian internal auditors (IIA). He… more »

Picture of Andreea Gulacsi

Andreea Gulacsi

Andreea was born in Romania and has been living in Brussels for so many years now … she is practically Belgian. Almost. Coming to the capital of Europe with the intention to leave after university has turned into a more permanent stay. Belgium and in particular Brussels continues to surprise… more »

Picture of Andreea Gulacsi

Andreea Gulacsi

Andreea was born in Romania and has been living in Brussels for so many years now …she is practically Belgian. Almost. Coming to the capital of Europe with the intention to leave after university has turned into a more permanent stay. Belgium - and in particular Brussels- continues to surprise… more »

Picture of Anne Boyle

Anne Boyle

Anne Boyle is a native of Massachusetts but considers Belgium her home since her first study abroad experience in 2011. With a BA in Advertising/Public Relations from Loyola University Maryland, she decided to continue her education in Belgium, where she completed a MA in European Studies from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven… more »

Picture of Ayla Sileghem

Ayla Sileghem

Ayla is a 20-something Belgian with roots in other places. She teaches Japanese, writes pieces in English and is always open for a change. Raised in Kenya, she picked up English at a young age and still prefers writing in English instead of Dutch. She studied Japanese at the Catholic… more »

Picture of Bridgette Williams Gottwald

Bridgette Williams Gottwald

Bridgette was born in Richmond, Virginia and moved to Brussels in April 2015 with her husband. She got married to her high-school sweetheart from age 16 in October 2014. They moved to Brussels, as expats, and the past year has been exhilarating for them. In college, she studied event management… more »

Picture of Camilla Colavolpe

Camilla Colavolpe

Roman native but Brussels based for a couple years now, Camilla graduated in Law at the LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome before studying European affairs in Brussels. Social media guru and bookworm (especially of Pennac’s Malaussène saga and South American writers), passionate about urban exploration and its narrative, art… more »

Picture of Chiara Bellani

Chiara Bellani

Chiara was born and raised in the Roman countryside, but always had quite an international vocation. She studied in Norway and Canada before moving to Brussels, where she works in the field of education and culture since 2013. Passionate about international and social affairs (with a special interest for environmental… more »

Picture of Ester Bonadonna

Ester Bonadonna

Ester is a graduate in International Relations with a passion for migration and climate change issues. She was raised in Verona, in northern Italy, and studied in Rome, Aix-en-Provence and Brussels, where she lives since 2014. Passionate about reading and photographing, she loves sunny days, walks in nature, good food… more »

Picture of Hannah Clarys

Hannah Clarys

Always wishing to have been a true artist, but – alas! – never having had the talent, Hanna found her passion in writing instead. Now she’s a journalism geek trying to find her way in life. She studied Political Sciences and Journalism, while blogging and writing about development issues and… more »

Picture of Igor Daems

Igor Daems

Igor Daems lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. He is a blogger for www.spottedbylocals.com and for the city of Antwerp. He is working on his first novel, a story about pilgrimage, butter and love, to be published in 2013. His literary influences include Paul Auster, Jonathan Safran Foer and Jonathan… more »

Picture of Ioanna Sakellaraki

Ioanna Sakellaraki

Having already lived in seven countries and numerous cities around Europe, Ioanna sees herself as a global citizen thriving for new places with new people. Her educational background and professional experience in journalism and urban culture in combination with her passion for travelling, writing and photography make her an ambitious… more »

Picture of James Radke

James Radke

James Radke is a Medieval and Renaissance Historian living in Flanders. James enjoys traveling, photography, museums, Belgian beer and collecting old books. Writing for The Culture Trip gives him the opportunity to continue learning about his favorite experiences in Belgium. James looks forward to discovering more about Belgium’s long history… more »

Picture of Jenni Chattaway

Jenni Chattaway

Jenni is a 22-year-old MA Magazine Journalism student studying at the City University London. Now based in London, she grew up in Brussels, Belgium, but is originally from Cirencester in the Cotswolds. Her upbringing in many different places has given Jenni a real appreciation for the cultural differences across the… more »

Picture of Johanna Stapelberg

Johanna Stapelberg

Johanna Stapelberg was born and raised in Vaxholm, Sweden but has lived in Brussels since 2009 at the age of twelve. After studying natural science in Scandinavian School of Brussels, she decided to take a gap year and work as a home teacher in Brussels for Swedish speaking children. Johanna… more »

Picture of Kathryn Bulanowski

Kathryn Bulanowski

Passionate about art and wine, this New York- born history buff now happily lives and works in Leuven, Belgium. Having received a Masters degree in Cultural Studies, Kathryn enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone and experiencing new people, places, and things. She has an endless urge to travel; discovering… more »

Picture of Laura Tombolato

Laura Tombolato

Intrigued by different cultures, Laura has lived and breathed Egyptology and British mystery novels since a very young age. Born in Italy, where she obtained her BA in English and Russian, she decided to go beyond book-based knowledge and started to explore. She moved to the UK and then settled… more »

Picture of Marina Kazakova

Marina Kazakova

Marina Kazakova is a Russian-Belgian author. She has an MA in public relations and spent 10 years as a copywriter/creative manager in Russia. In 2010 she continued her postgraduate art-based research work,’How to film poetry’ at Sint Lukas University Brussels. She currently lives, writes and films in Tongeren, Belgium. Her… more »

Picture of María Maldonado

María Maldonado

María Maldonado was born in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, and has moved several times from one city to another, in and out of her home country. She is currently living in Belgium and is studying a major in communication at Vesalius College. María is an aspiring journalist and filmmaker in her… more »

Picture of Nana Van de Poel

Nana Van de Poel

Born in a sleepy town in the Belgian Kempen, Nana grew up loving stories in whichever way they presented themselves to her. Bedtime tales led to novels, novels led to films and both of those led to a BA in Journalism and an MA in Theater and Film Science from… more »

Picture of Pauline Vanhoutte

Pauline Vanhoutte

Pauline was born and raised in Belgium. She’s always loved traveling and truly believes it allows individuals to be more tolerant of others and open to new cultures.Pauline’s had the opportunity to travel often, but will always call Belgium home. She’s always dreamed of being a journalist and is currently… more »

Picture of Sara Gonçalves Fernandes

Sara Gonçalves Fernandes

Sara was born in Portugal and has been living in Brussels for almost 3 years now. A city that was meant to last 12 months on her CV has become a more permanent home. Belgium has, despite its lack of sunny days, managed to conquer and surprise her. Having lived… more »

Picture of Sarine Arslanian

Sarine Arslanian

Sarine is an urban researcher, freelance writer, amateur photographer and documentary filmmaker with a strong interest in arts and culture, gastronomy, socio-economic challenges and development. Passionate about travelling, she has been to around 70 countries where she has tried, as much as she could, to experience the places the way… more »

Picture of Sophia Karner

Sophia Karner

With an academic background in intercultural communication and modern languages, Sophia has always been fascinated by the uniqueness of cultures worldwide. She is particularly interested in cultural history and has a passion for classic and contemporary literature, art and photography. Sophia loves to travel and meet people with different cultural… more »

Picture of Stephanie Benoit

Stephanie Benoit

Stephanie Benoit was born in Hong Kong, and spent most of her childhood moving around Asia. She studied an MA in French and English at the University of Ghent, and then went on to do a second masters in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. She is passionate about… more »

Picture of Teresa Lopes Vieira

Teresa Lopes Vieira

Teresa is a Portuguese writer who has published three novels. Although the last one takes place in Lisbon, the first two were inspired by her travels in South America, Egypt and Holland. She also won an award for young writers, with poems in Portuguese. After teaching creative writing for two… more »

Picture of Yana Pargova

Yana Pargova

Compulsive experience seeker, curious by nature, easily enchanted by details, lover of the arts. Born in Bulgaria, Yana moved to Brussels two years ago and has been under its spell ever since. With background in cultural studies and digital communications, she spent the last few years working on contemporary art… more »