Picture of Aubrey Douglass

Aubrey Douglass

Aubrey is an East Bay native and current senior at Pitzer College in Claremont, California where she majors in history and media studies. Aubrey is passionate about sports, writing, relaxation, and insisting that there is no better place than the Bay Area.

Picture of Audra Clemons

Audra Clemons

Audra Clemons is a creative media specialist with a passion for travel, cuisine and adventure. Based between Colombia and Florida, this former TV Producer takes her talents on the road where she captures in-between-the-lines experiences. Audra can usually be found buried behind her laptop writing articles or creating media campaigns… more »

Picture of Austin Seidel

Austin Seidel

Originally from the pine forests of Georgia, Austin now splits her time between Hong Kong and the Bay Area. Currently an undergraduate at Stanford University, Austin studies English and Art History, fascinated by the roles visual art and the written word play within culture. In her moments of free time… more »

Picture of Aviva Schmitz

Aviva Schmitz

Originally from Oakland, California, Aviva is a sophomore at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts majoring in English and Spanish. When she is not busy studying languages or exploring the Greater Boston Area, she can often be found pursuing her other passions, which include eating, drinking bubble tea, and sleeping. She… more »

Picture of Ayla Sileghem

Ayla Sileghem

Ayla is a 20-something Belgian with roots in other places. She teaches Japanese, writes pieces in English and is always open for a change. Raised in Kenya, she picked up English at a young age and still prefers writing in English instead of Dutch. She studied Japanese at the Catholic… more »

Picture of Ayse Huseyin

Ayse Huseyin

Ayse Huseyin, known to her friends as “Blue” was born in London, but was flying around the world before she could even walk. Her life-long fascination with world culture and literature has seen her working in the mountains of New Mexico, trekking across New Zealand, and constantly hungry for her… more »

Picture of Azadeh Nafissi

Azadeh Nafissi

Azadeh Nafissi is a Paris based writer/filmmaker. She grew up in Tehran, Iran and after finishing her BA in English Language and Literature she traveled to Auckland, New Zealand and studied MA in English Literature and PGD in Communication Studies. Her passion for cinema drew her to Paris, France where… more »

Picture of Bansie Vasvani

Bansie Vasvani

Bansie Vasvani has an MA in Art History, and is an ABD (All but Dissertation) in English and American Literature. She takes an avid interest in writing, researching, and promoting art from South and Southeast Asia. She has traveled extensively to art fairs around the world, and resides in New… more »

Picture of Barbara Boumaraf-Tissier

Barbara Boumaraf-Tissier

Barbara is a graduate from Sciences Po Paris where she studied International Affairs. Fond of geopolitics and with a significant experience in tourism, she is always thinking about her next trip. Among her favorite cities: Jaipur, Nablus, Granada, Istanbul, and of course, Paris. She loves to dedicate her time to… more »

Picture of Barbara Speed

Barbara Speed

Barbara is a freelance journalist and Master’s student based in London. She moved to London to study journalism after an English Literature degree at Oxford, and is glad to have left old books behind her in favour of everything else the world has to offer. She has also lived in… more »

Picture of Becca Cairns

Becca Cairns

Becca is in her fourth year at St Andrews University, studying English literature. She loves to travel and visit new places, and is also a part-time lifeguard. She enjoys swimming and running, and in her spare time likes to pick up a good book or watch a film.

Picture of Ben Smith

Ben Smith

My name is Ben Smith; I am from the great city of Milwaukee, WI, and a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, WI. I am an avid supporter of good eats, drinks, stories, and ramblings, with an inclination for the absurdly good and duly absurd. I have… more »

Picture of Ben Southwood

Ben Southwood

Ben is a 24-year-old working as an economist for a Westminster think tank. In his spare time he obsesses over food, whether Southern BBQ, French provincial cooking or modern European fine dining, and music. His personal food blog, is of course a genius if obscure pun name.

Picture of Benita Gingerella

Benita Gingerella

Benita is a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago where she majored in journalism and minored in photography. She has lived in Chicago for over 10 years and loves to explore all that the city has to offer (especially when it comes to finding the best brunch spots). An avid… more »

Picture of Benjamin Parker

Benjamin Parker

Benjamin Parker is British freelance journalist currently living in Melbourne. After leaving university in Cardiff, UK, he worked as a newspaper reporter before switching focus to food- and travel-related issues, including reviews and trend pieces. He is a ‘destination expert’ for London’s Daily Telegraph and a regular contributor to the… more »

Picture of Beryl Bersky

Beryl Bersky

Beryl Belsky was born in Dublin, and grew up in Australia where she studied East Asian Studies at the Australian National University. She spent a year in Japan working as a representative of the Australian government, and several years in England. Beryl has worked for some 30 years as an… more »

Picture of Bethan Morgan

Bethan Morgan

Born and raised on the outskirts of London, Bethan studied Architecture at the University of Brighton before moving on to study History of Art, Design and Film in both London and New York. After returning to the UK from America, Bethan has worked in various capacities throughout the contemporary art… more »

Picture of Bethan Sweeting

Bethan Sweeting

I graduated from the University of York with a degree in Philosophy in 2014. Since then I did a ski season in Val d’Isere and travelled around India, Cambodia and Bali for a couple of months. In 2012 I InterRailed around Europe, mostly central/slightly Eastern Europe for a month. I… more »

Picture of Billy Lok Ming Poon

Billy Lok Ming Poon

Born and raised in multicultural Hong Kong, Billy has learnt to appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity from a very young age. He is enthusiastic about travelling and deems every travel experience as a new way of looking at the world. Inspired by the simplicity of life, he is very… more »

Picture of Biya Haq

Biya Haq

Biya Haq has an extreme case of wanderlust that has brought her to London for the summer. She loves all things cultural, edible, musical and did we say edible? Going into her fourth year at Rutgers University in New Jersey she is a journalism and media studies student with a… more »