Picture of Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Always planning her next getaway, Amy is a travel junkie with a heck of an appetite. She writes about food, travel and art on her own blog Arts End of Nowhere, and produces The Culture Trip posts about places as far ranging as Bali, London and Tokyo.

Picture of Ana Harmon

Ana Harmon

Born and bred in Boston, Ana has always been a culture-vulture. After dancing for professional dance companies for seven years, both in the US and Israel, she has substituted her pointe shoes for a pen. A recent graduate from Tel Aviv University’s Liberal Arts program, Ana is interested in combining… more »

Picture of Ana Stambolic

Ana Stambolic

Born and raised in Serbia, Ana learned how to fight for her dreams. After finishing a Master studies in Technical Science, she received an award and her science project “Advertise in the old Serbian press” was published. In 2015, she followed her heart and started a new life in Brussels… more »

Picture of Anahit Behrooz

Anahit Behrooz

Born in North London to Iranian parents, Anahit’s life has always been filled with a diverse mixture of cultures and places. She studied languages and literature at the University of Oxford and the University of St Andrews, and has interned in French museums, taught in Germany and travelled throughout Europe… more »

Picture of Anahit Poturyan

Anahit Poturyan

Anahit is a recent graduate from UCLA. She enjoys reading translated books from around the world, attending art gallery openings, and planning future abroad trips.

Picture of Anastasia Bow-Bertrand

Anastasia Bow-Bertrand

Anastasia Bow-Bertrand was born in Kent but spent her early years in Northern France. Formerly a medical student at University College London and currently studying for an English Literature degree at the University of Cambridge, her interests and passions are diverse and continually developing. Inspired by the work of Médecins… more »

Picture of Anastasia-Areti Gavrili

Anastasia-Areti Gavrili

Born in Athens, Anastasia-Areti Gavrili opens her eyes, tries to see the world, travels, immerses herself in different cultures and volunteers to make a difference; she photographs and writes. Her story goes pretty much as follows: she completed communication and mass media studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of… more »

Picture of Andie Himmelrich

Andie Himmelrich

Andie is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating from the University of Michigan where she studied Communications and Chinese, she moved to the nonstop city of Tel Aviv. Andie loves to write about food and culture and has a love for photography and traveling.

Picture of Andrea Barreto

Andrea Barreto

Andrea Barreto is a Los Angeles native, having grown up in the San Gabriel Valley before moving to the Westside to attend UCLA for her Bachelor’s in English Literature. Andrea loves relaxing at different beaches along the Pacific Coast like any true Southern California girl, though her favorite beach will… more »

Picture of Andrea Gabellone

Andrea Gabellone

Andrea Gabellone was born in Pisa, Italy, and has lived in Brussels, Belgium, since 2010. Gabellone is currently working toward his undergraduate degree in business at Vesalius College. He is a member of the association of certified public accountants (AICPA) and of the institute of Belgian internal auditors (IIA). He… more »

Picture of Andrea Henthorn

Andrea Henthorn

Andrea Henthorn is a university student in Southern California currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and exploring the greater Los Angeles area, and of course, traveling. She has seen many parts of Europe and the contiguous United States, and hopes to… more »

Picture of Andreea Gulacsi

Andreea Gulacsi

Andreea was born in Romania and has been living in Brussels for so many years now … she is practically Belgian. Almost. Coming to the capital of Europe with the intention to leave after university has turned into a more permanent stay. Belgium and in particular Brussels continues to surprise… more »

Picture of Andreea Gulacsi

Andreea Gulacsi

Andreea was born in Romania and has been living in Brussels for so many years now …she is practically Belgian. Almost. Coming to the capital of Europe with the intention to leave after university has turned into a more permanent stay. Belgium - and in particular Brussels- continues to surprise… more »

Picture of Andrew Joseph

Andrew Joseph

Andrew Joseph, born on the shores of Trinidad and Tobago, has a love for people and different cultures. His background includes being a writer, as well as a travel photographer on a mission to turn over the entire globe to find his “Nirvana.”

Picture of Andrew Kingsford-Smith

Andrew Kingsford-Smith

Andrew is a writer and editor with several years experience in print, web and live performance. Born in Scotland, he moved to Australia where he studied creative arts at the University of Wollongong and majored in creative writing. Being passionate about art, culture and travel, Andrew has lived and worked… more »

Picture of Angelica Gianni

Angelica Gianni

Angelica has recently graduated in English and Comparative Literature, from Goldsmiths University of London. Her passions are books, travel, and art. She is a curious person, and is always trying to find and learn new things. One day she hopes to work for an important magazine, or be part of… more »

Picture of Angie Quinn

Angie Quinn

Currently building a feature-writing career and finishing a Journalism and Media BA, Angie loves exploring and all things cultural, musical, theatre, show-business, arty and palatable. Oscar Wilde is her literary hero, feel free to follow her on Twitter.

Picture of Ani Mnatsakanyan

Ani Mnatsakanyan

Raised in Hollywood by her journalist grandmother, Ani Mnatsakanyan fell in love with literature and writing at a very young age. At 14, she became enamored with the history of art, particularly Soviet avant-garde and unofficial art movements, and was determined to follow her dreams of studying and writing about… more »

Picture of Anika Rice

Anika Rice

Anika Rice is based in Oakland, CA and has lived in Washington, D.C., Chile and The Netherlands. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Human Geography, and continues to keenly explore her surroundings through writing, research, art and travel.

Picture of Ankita Huria Siddiqui

Ankita Huria Siddiqui

Ankita lives in India, a beautiful country. Loves all the good things in life and being part of the global community. Writing is a learning process and she is currently exploring its different shades. You can connect with her on Google plus and Twitter.