Picture of Alice Barber

Alice Barber

Alice Barber is an English Literature student and aspiring journalist who simply loves to write. She also has an incurable passion for theatre, and along with being addicted to attending shows, currently produces for Green Door Theatre Company.

Picture of Alice Burns

Alice Burns

Alice is a fanatic for all things culture-related, especially when it comes to city lifestyle. Her passion for writing and communications led her into the world of PR after graduating from the University of Leeds last year. She can often be found exploring undiscovered coffee shops and cocktail bars in… more »

Picture of Alice White Walker

Alice White Walker

Alice White Walker is a freelance writer with an eternal appetite for the unknown. After studying English Literature and Classics at the University of Reading and working in digital publishing, a niggling thirst for the French language and café society drove Alice to swap her native London for Paris. A… more »

Picture of Alicia Joy

Alicia Joy

Alicia was born and raised in Canada, but in her heart she always knew she was meant to be elsewhere. That isn’t to say she’s a world traveler – she never wanted to see the world, just Asia! She loves history, culture and fashion. If she’s not at home in… more »

Picture of Alina Vasilenko

Alina Vasilenko

Thinker, motivator and pathfinder, Alina graduated from UCLA with honors and holds a B.A. in American Literature and Culture. While at UCLA, she edited a print journal called ALEPH, UCLA’s Undergraduate Research Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences. She enjoys writing, editing and the social sciences. Alina is eclectic… more »

Picture of Alison Moss

Alison Moss

Alison is a PhD student in Aesthetics and Art Theory who is focusing her research on the definition of abstraction in contemporary art. As an avid reader, writer and art-lover she spends most of her time in libraries and museums, but she also thoroughly enjoys exploring the city’s hidden spots… more »

Picture of Alix Hall

Alix Hall

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Alix studied Art History and English Literature at Queen’s University. A love of the arts, history, rain, and queuing took her to England, where she completed a Masters degree in Culture, Communication and Media, and worked around London, including Kensington Palace and Tate Britain… more »

Picture of Allen Mark Arañas

Allen Mark Arañas

Bay Area born and raised, Allen Mark formed a passion for writing while earning an English Literature degree at UC Santa Cruz. If you ever want to talk about basketball, music, social justice issues, or literature, definitely hit him up over a cup of coffee or glass of scotch. He… more »

Picture of Allison Poris

Allison Poris

Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, Allison is adjusting well to the fast-paced life of NYC. Although she is a true country girl at heart, Allison has taken the city of dreams under her wing and is determined to move full-steam ahead in her career. When she… more »

Picture of Alyssa Erspamer

Alyssa Erspamer

Alyssa Erspamer is a student at UCL specialising in anthropology and German. She grew up in the US, near Boston, but has Italian roots. Her humble wish is to explore the whole world one day and to live on a farm, but in the meantime she settles with wandering around… more »

Picture of Alyssa Reyes

Alyssa Reyes

Alyssa is a Chicago native and current senior at DePaul University. She is studying Journalism with a minor in Media & Cinema Studies. After graduating this June, she hopes to go into new​​s and editorial writing with a focus on politics and social justice. When she is not writing, she… more »

Picture of Amanda Chain

Amanda Chain

Amanda ditched the American dream for a British one when she moved from Philadelphia to England. Recently graduating with an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies from University College London, she’s fallen love with the bad weather, good books and the strange version of football. Amanda is a former school teacher… more »

Picture of Amanda Flanaghan

Amanda Flanaghan

Amanda is a graduate of French and Spanish with a keen interest in foreign languages, and all things particularly European related. She also holds a passion for travel, art and world cinema, and not to mention exploring new places and writing about all cultural aspects within cities.

Picture of Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is a Bay Area native, and is currently a student at the University of Connecticut studying Communication. When she isn’t watching the SF Giants win a world series, she is traveling around the world hanging with the infamous giant tortoise in the Galapagos, or chasing after a cheetah… more »

Picture of Amanda Limond

Amanda Limond

Amanda Limond is a passionate musician, photographer, and writer at San Francisco State University. She spends most of her time hopping on a train to explore the city or trying to find the perfect book. Amanda loves travel, having been around the world, and constantly thinks of where to go… more »

Picture of Ambika Rajgopal

Ambika Rajgopal

Ambika Rajgopal, originally from New Delhi, currently resides in London. She has an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths, University of London and an MSc in Art, Law and Business from Christie’s Education, London. Ambika has previously worked in the Indian and Islamic Department at Christie’s, South Kensington, London… more »

Picture of Ameena Walker

Ameena Walker

New York City native, Ameena is always on the prowl for her next excursion. A food fanatic, Ameena thoroughly enjoys trying new cuisine, whether it is experimenting in her kitchen or scouring the streets of New York. When not enticing her inner foodie, Ameena enjoys being outdoors when weather permits… more »

Picture of Amelia Florence Simmons

Amelia Florence Simmons

By day, Amelia does social media for films and TV. By night, she explores all corners of London to find the best food, drink and events the city has to offer. She has recently made birch crowns in Stockholm at Midsommar, got muddy at Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire and… more »

Picture of Aminah Barnes

Aminah Barnes

Originally from the UK, Aminah has been living in Barcelona since 2013. She graduated with a degree in Sociology, which furthered her interest in different cultures and exploring new places. She travelled for several years before settling down in Barcelona, throughout which time she managed to explore many different places… more »

Picture of Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh

Amrita was born and raised in Staten Island, with a whole glass of East Indian ethnicity in her blood. Recently having graduated from Seton Hall University, her hobbies include taking frequent trips to Manhattan for food and getting her daily caffeine fix from Dunkin Donuts. When she’s not busy reading… more »