Picture of Shelton Lindsay

Shelton Lindsay

Somewhere in the rural woods of New York a decade ago, if you parted the vines and looked through the leaves you might have spied a young boy pretending to be a wizard. Harry Potter had just come out, and being overly infatuated with it, Shelton Lindsay resolved somewhere between using a branch as a wand and pretending that the deer where his patronus to move to the U.K. and ‘live the dream’.

This is what ultimately led Shelton to flying the pond sans broom, grabbing the train and heading up into the wilds of Scotland where he went to school for four years at St. Andrews in a desperate attempt to cling to the vestiges of his youthful idealism. Getting a degree in Film Theory in English language, Shelton now lives in London where he goes to Goldsmiths researching gender theory and identity creation for his MRES. He works as a script reader, video game script writer, and a teacher of crafts as an alternative form of therapy for women with breast cancer.