Picture of Rajesh Punj

Rajesh Punj

Rajesh Punj, art critic, correspondent, curator and collector; holds history of art and curating degrees from Warwick University and Goldsmith’s College respectively. He has a specialist interest in Asia and the Middle East, whilst also writing extensively on European and American contemporary art, photography and design; commissioned by international publications and galleries that include Saatchi Gallery, (London), Flash Art International, (Milan), Deutsche Bank Art Mag, (Berlin), Canvas (Dubai), Depart (Dhaka) art&deal (New Delhi), The Third Text, (London), ARC, (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Elephant, (London), and Asian Art newspaper (London).

Rajesh writes extensively on the emerging markets, and has on-going research and a related volume of interviews; of leading international ‘artists’, ‘designers’, ‘curators’, ‘academics’, ‘film-makers’, ‘photographers’, due for publication in late 2015, early 2016. And he has also curated the contemporary works and installations of artists, Andrea Zittel (USA), Tracey Emin (UK), Simon Patterson (UK), David Batchelor (UK), David Goldblatt (SA), Anish Kapoor (UK), Julian Opie (UK), and Jake and Dinos Chapman (UK), among others.