Picture of Marina Kazakova

Marina Kazakova

Marina Kazakova is a Russian-Belgian author. She has an MA in public relations and spent 10 years as a copywriter/creative manager in Russia. In 2010 she continued her postgraduate art-based research work,’How to film poetry’ at Sint Lukas University Brussels. She currently lives, writes and films in Tongeren, Belgium. Her literature work deals to a large degree with confrontation with the past, and explores the challenges posed both by memory and grief.The debut film of Marina ‘Tishe…Piano…’ is a participant of VAF Wildcard section of KortfilmfestivalLeuven 2013.The second short film ‘To My Two Fs: France and Francoise,’ won the ‘BEST NARRATIVE SHORT’ Award at the ‘International Film Festival behalf Savva Morozov’ in Moscow in September 2015.