Picture of Laura Tan

Laura Tan

Laura Tan is a freelance writer and full-time foodie whose love of culture and diversity is influenced by her mixed heritage. Her father is originally from sunny Serangoon on the tropical island of Singapore and her mother was born in the not-so-sunny-but-very-pretty ‘Garden of England’ in Kent, England. Spending weekends and any available holidays travelling all over the UK with her family; no destination ever seems too far if it means time at the beach, cycling around serene reservoirs or walking around parks and historic castles. Aside from England, she has also literally been on top of the world – atop Snowdon (North Wales), the Arc du Triomphe (Paris) and the Marina Bay Sands (Singapore). Laura is a serial student with an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, with a Masters in Psychology from the University of Cambridge, who is now working towards a Masters in Education from The Open University alongside teaching and supporting university students. She has written for various websites and co-authored articles submitted to respected academic journals ‘Autism’ and ‘Clinical Psychological Science’. Her future ambitions include contributing in an editor role, completing a PhD, writing a bestselling novel and owning a pet panda.