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JoAnneh Nagler

JoAnneh Nagler is an author, freelance writer, painter and singer-songwriter living in the Bay Area. She is the author of the Amazon Top-100 book, The Debt-Free Spending Plan, as well as the upcoming book, How to be an Artist without Losing your Mind. She writes travel articles, books, plays, essays, scripts, and music, and has written and worked for ABC and Fox Television, the periodical Real Talk L.A., The Jewish Journal and more. She writes travel and culture articles for The Culture Trip, JetSet Extra, Destinations Magazine, Tango Diva, and Himalayan High Treks. Her music CDs Enraptured and I Burn are on-line at iTunes and Amazon. Find her writing links, fine art, music and her ever-encouraging artistry blog at www.AnArtistryLife.com.