Picture of Ioanna Sakellaraki

Ioanna Sakellaraki

Having already lived in seven countries and numerous cities around Europe, Ioanna sees herself as a global citizen thriving for new places with new people. Her educational background and professional experience in journalism and urban culture in combination with her passion for travelling, writing and photography make her an ambitious hustler and tireless traveller. Ioanna holds a BA in Communication and Mass Media from the University of Athens and an MA in European Urban Cultures, an EU Master of Arts programme taking place in 4 different European cities (Brussels, Tilburg, Manchester, Tallinn) and aimed at exploring different EU policies. She also studied Journalism and Social and Cultural Sciences in Munich during her Erasmus program. Ioanna has worked for NGOs and not-for-profit European Networks in the field of ICT, human rights, youth and culture with a special focus on campaigns and strategic communications. She currently lives and works in Brussels as the Communication and Network Officer of an NGO while completing an evening Photography Degree at the École de photographie et de techniques visuelles Agnès Varda. You can visit her blog at https://urbanmethexis.wordpress.com/.