Picture of Delene Di Vita

Delene Di Vita

Delene Di Vita was born during the Apartheid era in South Africa where she regularly volunteered in her community helping Aids victims and with promoting Aids prevention amoung the poor in rural townships. During her gap year, Delene moved to Paris and permanently adopted France as her home country since 2000. After studying French Language, Art, Culture and Civilization at the Sorbonne in Paris, Delene’s interest in writing piqued. Education and eradicating poverty are Delene’s top priorities. Delene speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, Afrikaans and Zulu. Delene’s a Montessori trained Kindergarten teacher, a travel junkie, an avid sports fan, an addicted concertgoer, an arts enthusiast, a French cuisine connoisseur, a fussy fashionista, is tech savvy and a sucker for a great joke!