Picture of Christiane Barro

Christiane Barro

Christiane Barro is currently a journalism student at Monash University in Melbourne. As well as interning at The Culture Trip, Christiane has freelanced for The Dot Point and Mojo News. She is currently majoring in International Relations and hopes her writing will make a significant difference within society. She aims to build a platform for her writing that will one day reach the entire world. Enthusiastic about life, Christiane is passionate about every interviewee she meets. She is interested in all areas of journalism, from lifestyle to politics. Everyone has something to say, a story to tell and a voice to be heard. Christiane is passionate about making that happen. Journalists are essentially at the heart of a democratic society. She believes the public must be well informed to make self-serving decisions about their everyday life. Christiane is looking forward to life’s opportunities and advancing her journalistic career.