Picture of Anastasia Bow-Bertrand

Anastasia Bow-Bertrand

Anastasia Bow-Bertrand was born in Kent but spent her early years in Northern France. Formerly a medical student at University College London and currently studying for an English Literature degree at the University of Cambridge, her interests and passions are diverse and continually developing. Inspired by the work of Médecins Sans Frontières and originally motivated to be part of their fieldwork team, her writing is taking her down a more creatively orientated health communications path. Poetry and alternative expression are central to her appreciation of art and language, with her short story inspired by H.G. Wells published in Born of the Island and Other Sea Stories (St Ursin Press, 2012); she is unusually impassioned by an eclectic range of all matter Hispanic (notably Mexican death culture), the practice and narrative of urban exploration, the elegiac creations of Thomas Hardy, the paintings of Edward Hopper and Dadaist photography. Post-graduation hopes include working with a not-for-profit health organisation or in journalism, and swimming the English Channel.